Why Protein Bars Before And After A Workout

A fist full of proteins before a workout
A fist full of proteins before a workout

For most of us getting motivated to go regularly to the gym for a workout is the hardest part. If you have a few health freak buddies to drag you to the gym and encourage you, then it’s really helpful; if you can afford a personal trainer who can motivate you to push a tad bit harder to achieve better results, then there is nothing like it.

 If you are novice to a workout regime and you have been asked to snack on a protein bar pre or post workout, you would be confused. As you would not know which one to choose.  There are different types of protein bars available in the market. Also before buying them, you need to know the benefits of eating a protein bar and how they will aid in your weight loss program.

What Are Protein Bars

Protein Bars contains isolated proteins from a couple of sources such as soy, milk or eggs as main ingredient. Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins or minerals are also some of the ingredients in most of the protein bars. These are available in various flavors. Whether these bars are good for your overall health or not depends on the quality of the protein and other ingredients as well as the amount of the added ingredients.

Preferably, you should choose a protein bar that has no added sugar but sweetened with plant extracts such as Erythritol, Stevia and Sucralose, that are not harmful for the body. Ensure the bar of your choice is gluten free and made with whey and milk protein isolates.

Why Eat A Protein Bar Before Exercising

To get the best out of your fitness regime, its recommended to eat a protein bar an hour before the workout. The two reasons are

  1. When you snack on a protein bar before exercising, it gives you the energy to do your workouts. Therefore, choose a protein bar that is high in carbohydrates for pre-workout.
  2. The protein content in the bar, be it whey, soy or others, will prevent a decrease in the blood sugar during the workout. This will boost your energy levels.

Why Only Have A Protein Bar After Exercise

Experts opine a protein bar after workout help the body burn more fat. But how?

  • Energy bank of your body are the glycogen molecules. However, it’s the brain and the nervous system that need the glycogen molecules more than the muscles. During the workouts, the energy is depleted and the muscles start using the energy by burning fat.
  • When you consume a protein bar after a strenuous workout, it’s your brain and the nervous system that consumes the glycogen. While the muscles use the protein to build more muscle. This increases the base metabolic rate that ensures you burn more calories.

It’s going to be a balancing act. Some days you feel you need extra boost before exercising and on some days an extra protein bar after the workout. Listen to your body at these times.