Why Do I Drink Coffee Every Morning

Its all about coffee and me
Its all about coffee and me

For me that unmistakable smell of freshly brewed Coffee and its delectable taste are the only two main reasons to pry myself out of bed each morning. It’s an eye-opening as well as mouth-watering beverage consumed not only by me but approximately 100 million Americans.

Today you can choose from a myriad of flavors, styles, and presentations of coffee. You can choose coffee from the small and strong cup of coffee to a large mug. You can have it with or without milk, plain or frothy and you can add a shot of your preferred liqueur.

Whether habitual or social, the act of lifting a cup of Arabic Coffee has been around since its inception into the society and here are my favorite reasons why. My colleagues and acquaintances have various reasons as to why they depend on this aromatic black beverage and I have my own set of reasons.

8 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee?

  1. The mildly stimulating effect of the caffeine in this drink boosts my energy to keep me going throughout the day.
  2. I am accustomed to the taste of coffee and constantly crave for my favorite flavor.
  3. It aids in digestion. So I love to sip it post a heavy lunch or dinner. Sometimes even between meals.
  4. A shot of strong coffee helps me on a hectic and stressful day. It even helps fight depression on certain days.
  5. It’s a powerhouse of beneficial antioxidants, so keeps the free radicals under control.
  6. I love to hold business meetings over a cup of stimulating espressos. Socially, I also meet up with my friends for a cup of coffee and a bite of nutritious protein cookies.
  7. It’s a fact that coffee can become an addition. A lot of people including me have got used to having a cup of coffee at a certain time of the day. And I look forward to this daily routine that has become almost a ritual by now.
  8. Last but not the least, I love to try out and experience new things and coffee was no exception.

There is a gamut of brands, flavors and brands available in the market today. You can even carry your favorite brand of this beverage to your workplace. All that you need to add is some boiling water to get the right strength.

Now you have my reasons for sipping a cup of highly flavored aromatic coffee. Wouldn’t you share your reasons with me!