Why Chocolate And Peanut Butter Are An Irresistible Combination

health benefits of peanut butter
health benefits of peanut butter

Who can resist the flavor and aroma of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips in a cookie or a piece of cake? The complex interplay of these two flavors along with dry fruits and nuts tantalize your taste buds. Gregory Ziegler, Ph.D., a Penn State University professor of food science who studies chocolate, opines that the flavor and composition of roasted peanuts are close to that of cocoa beans and they complement each other.

He further adds that peanut butter adds punch to the goodies and when mixed with cocoa butter, it causes the cookies and cakes to simply melt in your mouth. Additionally, Cynthia Lipka, president of the Society of Flavor Chemists, suggests that these two combination enhances feelings of satisfaction in your brain and invokes fond-memories.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter

  • Aids Weight Loss

Peanut butter suppresses hunger, the reason being the enviable combination of protein and fiber that is filling and keeps hunger away for a longer duration.

  • Heart Friendly Food

It contains saturated fats and this lowers the risk of cardiovascular and other related heart diseases.

  • Lowers The Risk Of Cancer

Peanut butter is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a cancer fighting vitamin and it keeps cancer of colon, lung, liver and stomach at bay.

  • Prevents Gallstones

Moderate consumption of peanut butter can reduce the risk of gallstones by 25%. The peanuts have the ability to increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

  • Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

As per the study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association, consuming a couple of spoons of peanut butter at least five days a week can lower the risk of developing diabetes.

Peanut butter can be made at home too. It can also be bought from the pop and mom stores. They are also sold in online stores.

Why You Should Eat More Chocolates

Its true binging on chocolate can enhance your mood, help you at times of stress and is an ultimate comfort food. Apart from these it has been medically proven that chocolate is good for health. Let’s have a look.

  • Prevents clogging of arteries by preventing the WBC from sticking to the walls of the blood vessels.
  • Lowers the risk of stroke in men.
  • Rich source of beneficial minerals such as zinc, selenium, iron and potassium.
  • The flavonols in the chocolate can protect your skins against the heat of the sun.
  • Increases the levels of good cholesterol and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
  • Aids in weight loss. When you melt a small piece of good quality chocolate on your tongue 20-25 minutes before a meal, it triggers off the hormones in the brain to creates a sense of filling. Subsequently, it helps to reduce the consumption of your food.
  • Again it helps to improve the level of insulin in blood.

Now you know why the combination of peanut butter and chocolate in cookies are an irresistible combination.