What Is Kosher Food

Kosher meats are processed and packed following the Torah law
Kosher meats are processed and packed following the Torah law

The  Jewish diet that is consumed as per the Jewish Law, halakha, is known as the Kosher food. The Jewish Dietary Law known as Kashrut, from which the term Kosher is derive, is a list of dietary regulations that a Jew has to follow. It is a Hebrew word, and the dietary laws are of biblical origin and have been in place for thousands of years. The laws of Jewish dietary are both complex as well as extensive. The current day Rabbinic scholars have elucidated these laws and made them simpler to apply as per the contemporary times.  However, you need to consult an orthodox Rabbi well versed in these  laws if ever a kosher issue arises.

  1. Kosher Meat

The meat, fowl as well as their byproducts such as soups, bones and gravy are known as meat.  The products such as liver pills which, are the derivatives of either meat or fowl are also classified as meat.

  • Kosher meat includes only the meat that comes from animals that chew its cud and has split hooves such as cows, sheep and goats. However, meats of kangaroos, rabbits, pigs, camels are forbidden.
  • Similarly, Kosher fowl include only the domesticated poultry such as ducks, geese, turkeys, and hens. However, predatory and scavenger birds are forbidden as per the Torah law.
  • The fowls and animals must be slaughtered by a skilled shochet who is well versed and trained in rituals of kosher slaughtering.
  • Before cooking the meat of the birds/animals should be soaked and washed well to remove any trace of blood.


Foods that are not classified as meat or diary are known as pareve. These include, coffee, tea, soft drinks, unprocessed juices, vegetables, grains, fish, eggs, candies and snacks. However, there are a few things that you need to know whether a product is kosher or not.

  • When the food belonging to pareve are mixed with processed diary or meat or if any additives are used, it will lose the pareve status.
  • The fruits, grains and vegetables that has the presence of insects, or larvae is not kosher.
  • Eggs that has blood spots are not following the jewish dietary laws.


Milk and all it products including yogurt, butter and all kinds of cheese are known as kosher diary. To certified as kosher foods, it has to meet the following criteria

  • They must be from a kosher animal. That is animals that are bred as per Jewish laws
  • There should be no meat derivative and must be kosher.

All the products must be produced, processed and packaged on kosher machines.

There are  many protein drink that are kosher. If you are an orthodox follower of Jewish laws. Please the labels of the protein drink before buying protein drink.