What Is “Feta” Cheese

Healthy Feta Cheese
Healthy Feta Cheese

Sheep’s or goat’s milk is used to make Feta cheese. Its flavor is strong and tangy. Important minerals and vitamins are present in this cheese. The drawback of consuming this cheese is the presence of sodium and saturated fat. However, it can be consumed occasionally in a diet plan as it has nutritional benefits.

The Etymology Of The Name “Feta”

Greeks refer to this very prevalent cheese type as “feta”. The name originates from “fetta” an Italian word which loosely translated means “slice”. Feta is a delicate brined cheese generally containing a handful to zero holes, a tangy flavor and absence of skin. The nutritional value of Feta cheese is based on the kind and brand of Feta. Conventional Feta is created by a blend of goat’s and sheep’s milk or exclusively just sheep’s milk.

Better Tolerability Compared To Other Types Of Cheese

Feta cheese is a great alternative for getting delicious taste without overindulging. This type of cheese is relatively more digestible and has a lower degree of inflammatory property than the cheeses based on cow milk. This is good news for individuals having varying degrees of intolerance to dairy products.

Potent Cancer Fighter

Scientific research has discovered that long term consumption of feta cheese results in lower incidence and severity of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals regardless of age group include feta cheese in moderate amounts regularly in their daily diets. It is better to prevent severe illnesses such as cancer by opting for natural healthy options such as the reputed and widely available Feta Cheese.

Miscellaneous Health Benefits

Other benefits of regularly consuming Feta Cheese is

  • Treating anemia
  • Enhancing eye health and curbing degenerative eye ailments
  • Alleviating headaches of varying severity
  • Promoting digestion and aiding the digestive process

This wonder cheese also bolsters immunity, ensures a robust constitution and is a completely natural and excellent source of energy as well as nutrients.

Hence it is recommended to all to imbibe this famous variety of cheese to reap its holistic health benefits.