Vibe Solano Store Makeover Campaign To Promote Healthy Food

Solano County
Solano County

FairField, California – Healthy food options grocery store makeover campaign is the part of Vibe Solano. It’s an initiative by Solano County Public Health to create an awareness of healthy eating by placing vegetables and fruits on the shelves that are easily visible to the customers.

Several grocery stores have been roped in to include more organic vegetables and fruits in their stores, put up signs to promote good health and also to create a healthy food checkout counters in their stores.

As per the statistics of Solano County Public Health, this county has the maximum number of overweight and obese denizens in the state. Vibe Solano along with community groups such as Neighborhood Empowerment, Vallejo Together and other similar groups have taken up this initiative to bring down the obesity rates among children and adults, and promote healthy eating habits in Solano County.

As a move towards healthier food options, and to create an awareness towards healthy eating, and lifestyle, a mom ‘n’ pop store in Fairfield, California held a three-hour event on Friday, September 16, 2016. Earlier this month, a few grocery store around Fairfield had held similar events focusing on healthy eating habits.

The store makeovers are countrywide campaign to do away with food deserts and to bring stores that sell healthy foods closer to the residential areas. In many parts of the Solano County, the residents have to travel at least a mile to get to the store that sells healthy food.

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