Thanksgiving Cookies From Cookie Guru Dorie Greenspan

How about baking jammers for Thanksgiving table
How about baking jammers for Thanksgiving table

Holiday season is here bringing with it a gamut of reasons to bite into something delicious, crispy and sweet. Like Thanksgiving cookies. Dorie Greenspan, a world renowned cookie expert, a three-time winner of James Beard Foundation award and author of 11 cookbooks has launched her latest cookbook by the name Dorie’s Cookies.

Her book is a collection of 170 recipes, ranging from classic graham crackers, and daring Triscuit-and-chutney-filled rugelach to  French vanilla sablés and spicy togarashi meringues that can be paired with cocktails.

Her cookie boutique, Beurre & Sel, in New York that was closed in 2013, was famous for her World Peace Cookies as well as Classic Jammers. She was quick to give a negative reply when queried about opening another cookie boutique.

However, she had thousand tongues when talking about her latest cook book. “It was fascinating. I found that thinking about cookies 24/7 for three years made me more creative than less. The more I thought about cookies, the more I imagined. I could have gone on forever, I think.”

Greenspan encourages home bakers to consider baking cookies for their Thanksgiving table. She stretches on using the traditional flavor for baking Thanksgiving cookies and tarts.

She opines that so much hard work goes into creating beautiful pies that on thanksgiving day it doesn’t get the much-deserved attention as “everyone has already had turkey and stuffing, and … pies are kind of too big at the end!”

According to her, Thanksgiving cookies are much faster to make. Even those who have never baked a pie before can also make a pie crust for Thanksgiving bars. Secondly, you can bake more cookies with the given amount of dough than pies.

This is what she had to tell the home bakers “Cookies and Kindness. Bake some cookies from the book to give to someone.”

Dorie’s Baking Tips

  • Use wine bottles if you do not have a rolling pin.
  • Instead of rolling out the dough after chilling, you can always place the dough between parchment sheets and roll out and then chill it.
  • Use your scoops to scoop out the dough to make the balls. This means you get the same size dough balls and the cookies will all bake at the same time. Not only that children will not fight over who gets the bigger cookie.

How about a few platters of cookies for Thanksgiving Table 2016