7 Top Benefits Of Cucumber – The Amazing Healthy Salad Vegetable

Cucumbers - Excellent For Health
Cucumbers – Excellent For Health

Cucumber is an ideal food that hydrates and cools your body. It contains 95 percent of water and has natural anti –inflammatory properties. It is a creeping vine that belongs to the gourd family. The vegetable reduces the risk of chronic diseases as well.

We look at the health benefits of consuming cucumber

Protects and nourishes your brain

The anti – inflammatory property of cucumber called fisetin enhances your brain health. It improves your brain as it enriches your nerve cells and prevents age-related decline. It also aids in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Minimizes the risk of cancer

Rich source for lignans, consuming this vegetable in your daily diet minimizes the risk of uterine, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.

Reduces inflammation

Adding this vegetable can reduces the inflammatory attack in your body. It prevents unwanted inflammation due to the presence of anti-inflammatory enzymes.

Antioxidant properties

This vegetable is an ideal source for vitamin C. It has numerous antioxidants and beta carotene. This boosts the immunity of the body.

Manages stress and freshens the breath

Consuming this vegetable helps in releasing the excess heat in the stomach that causes bad breath. Eating a slice of cucumber can help you get rid of the mouth odour causing bacteria.     It helps in managing stress as it contains multiple vitamins.  It reduces the anxiety as well.

Helps weight managing

Two important elements required for healthy weight management are present in this vegetable namely water and fiber. Adding  this food can meet the ideal amount of fiber in your body. Raw cucumbers are best for consumption.

Protects heart from disease

This vegetable contains potassium which aids in lowering blood pressure levels. It helps the heart to function properly as it boosts the muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission.

Here is a healthy cucumber recipe.

Tomato cucumber salad


  • Tomato – 2
  • Onions – 2
  • Lettuce – few leaves
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp


Take a bowl and dice the tomatoes, onions and the lettuce leaves. Chop the cucumbers thinly.  Sprinkle salt and pepper. Add the lemon juice and mix well. Serve chilled.


6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit- An Exotic Delicacy
Passion Fruit- An Exotic Delicacy

Grandilla or passion fruit is a native of the subtropical wild regions of South America. It is a climber vine. The shape of the fruit ranges from oval to round with tough outer shell. Inside are the membranous sacs that are thick and light orange in color. The seeds are crunchy.

Here are some health benefits of passion fruit.

Excellent source of dietary fiber

The fruit is an excellent laxative as the pulp content is more. Regular consumption of this fruit protects the colon mucosa’s exposure to toxic substances that may be present in the colon.

Rich in antioxidants

The fruit is rich in vitamin-c. It contains water-soluble antioxidants which gives the human body resistance against disease like flu, infectious agents and inflammatory free radicals.

Ideal source of iron

The fruit is a rich source of nonheme or plant based iron. The Institute of Medicine recommends regular consumption of the fruit as it gives men 6 micrograms of iron per day and women 8.1 micrograms of iron. The latter is absorbed in the body due to the presence of vitamin C.

Minimizes Asthma attacks

Regularly eating of passion fruit reduces asthma attacks. Presence of acids, chemicals and various other natural body boosters boosts the immunity of the body.

Aids in treating insomnia

Teas made from this fruit induce sleep and relaxation. The sedative effect of the fruit alleviates insomnia.

Minimizes Anxiety

The vitalizing grandilla moderates the anxiety, fear and stress as well. The passion fruit tea enhances the mood. The results are supported by the Medline Plus, a servicing unit of the National Institutes of Health.

Here is a healthy recipe using this fruit.

Passion Fruit – Pineapple Green Smoothie

  • Pineapple – One cup cubed
  • Passion Fruit – 3, collect the pulp in the bowl
  • Banana – One medium one
  • Baby Spinach – 2 cups fresh
  • Coconut water – 8 Ounces


Put the ingredients in the blender and blend till fine. Serve with chilled ice or just as it is.





6 Incredible Health Benefits of Boysenberry

Boysenberries - The Incredible Berries
Boysenberries – The Incredible Berries

The boysenberry is a crossbreed of the European Raspberry, blackberry, and loganberry. The fruit is deep maroon colored and has large seeds. Normally jam, pie, juice syrup and ice-cream is made from the berry. It is grown mainly in New Zealand and the United States particularly the Pacific Coast of Southern California extending to Oregon.

We take a look at the health benefits of Boysenberry.

Improves vision

The berry is rich and good source of vitamin C and important minerals needed by the human body. It improves your vision as the fruit revitalizes the cells.

Helps in weight management

Boysenberry is highly nutritious. The fresh fruit juice contains less sugar which aids your body in reducing weight.

Enhances heart conditions

Consumption of berry in your diet cleanses the arteries and blood vessels. It prevents hemorrhoids, diverticular disease and heart diseases. It boosts the heart functions as well.


Smoothens bowel movements

The berry is rich with fiber which supports digestion. It cleanses your body and intestine. It reduces constipation and enhances the bowel movement.

Supports formation of cells

The fruit is rich with Vitamin B and supplies significant dose of folate which supports the formation of cells. It increases the energy level and consumption of berry is advisable to even pregnant women.

Reduces the brain birth defects

Consuming the berry during pregnancy improves the health condition of women as it contains nutrients. These nutrients can eliminate the different types of nervous system and brain birth defects.

Boysenberry Granita Refreshment


  • Boysenberry – 500gm (Frozen)
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Lemon juice – 2tsp
  • Sugar – 3tsp


Dissolve the sugar in water and heat for 2 minutes.  Allow the mixture to cool. Store it in fridge till required.

Defrost the berries. Puree the berry and sieve the content. Mix with sugar syrup. Put the mixture in the freezer and crystallize the edges. Do it several times to produce crystals.

Serve chilled.

Aubergine An Integral Part Of The Mediterranean Diet

Aubergine - also known as eggplant
Aubergine – also known as eggplant

Aubergine commonly known as eggplant is actually a fruit but used as a vegetable. Grown all over the world it is native to South-East Asia. This vegetable is full of vitamins, minerals as well as dietary fiber. Aubergine is part of the nightshade species and related to tomato and potato.

We take a look at the benefits of consuming eggplant

Excellent source of dietary fiber

Aubergine is an excellent source of rich dietary fiber. This enhances the regular and smooth bowel movements in the body.

Enhances heart health

The consumption of the vegetable enables you to have a stronger heart as it nourishes the cell membrane and cells that enhances the heart’s as well as the brain’s functions.

Ideal for clear skin

One can get beautiful and smooth skin by consuming this edible fruit. The vegetable is rich in antioxidants which nourishes the skin. This is due to the “Nasunin” found in the skin of the eggplant.

High content of Antioxidants

The fruit is rich in antioxidants that protect the fats in the body. It helps the body in digesting the nutrients and letting the wastes out.

Weight Management

Aubergine is a good appetizer. It is a filling snack when you go on a weight loss regimen. Consumption in various forms will help you to attain your target.

Try out this healthy recipe.

Eggplant salad with herbs


  • Aubergine – 1kg
  • Olive Oil – 100ml
  • Red wine vinegar – 5tbsps
  • Sugar – 1tbsp
  • Garlic – 4 cloves thinly sliced
  • Mint – One bunch roughly chopped
  • Parsley – One bunch roughly chopped


Slice the aubergine into rounds and brush with olive oil. Grill them till brown on both sides.

Know The Health Benefits Of The Versatile Fruit Blackberry

Blackberries - The salubrious berries
Blackberries – The salubrious berries

Blackberries are nutrient rich and tasty fruits with nourishing components. The berries are native to Europe, South America and Asia. In Australia, blackberry is known as weeds. It is available in red, black and dark purple-black colors. The fruit is rich in anthocyanin pigments.

We look at some of the health benefits of this berry.

Enhances Digestion

Adding blackberry to the daily diet enhances digestion giving smooth bowel movements. It contains dietary fibers which are much essential for the body.

Excellent source for Antioxidants

The berry is an essential source for antioxidants which helps the body in multiple ways. The antioxidants give vitality to the body.

Fights against cancer

The fruit has properties that fight against both lung and esophageal cancer. The micro-nutrients provide a chemo preventive effect and prevent the proliferation of malignant cells.

Highly cognitive

Consumption of the berry improves the cognitive functions of the body. The presence of polyphenolic components prevents the age-related issues and increases the cognitive and motor activity.

Healthy bones

Vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium which are present in blackberry boost the health of the bones. The absorption of calcium and potassium is aided by consuming the fruit.

Management of weight

Blackberry is very low in sugar content. This assists you in maintaining a healthy weight effectively. The fiber present along with low calorie content makes it an excellent snack during your diet regimen.

Sweet Blackberry and Brandy Sauce Recipe


  • Blackberry – 4 cups
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Brandy – 1 tablespoon
  • Cornstarch – 2 tablespoons
  • Water – ¼ cup


Take a saucepan and heat sugar, blackberries along with brandy on medium flame. Reduce the flame.  Cook for about 10 minutes till the berries soften. Mix the cornstarch in water and allow the berries to simmer with small stir. Wait till the sauce has thickened.

The sauce can be served over ice-cream, pancakes or cheesecake.


If you know any additional benefits of this fruit, please share it with us.



Know The Health Benefits Of Custard Apple

Custard Apple - Great for Health
Custard Apple – Great for Health

Custard apple is a delicious fruit which belongs to the Annona family.  The outer skin of the fruit is tough. The taste is sweet, slightly tangy with creamy texture which wraps the deep-brown colored seeds. In the English-speaking countries, it is popularly known as “Bullock’s Heart”. The tropical fruit is composed of several poly-phenolic antioxidants and is said to have anti-cancer properties.

We take a look at the health benefits of Custard Apple

Minimizes the risk of Cancer

The multiple seed fruit has properties that protect you against cancer. It is wonderful fruit that can enrich your blood cells and blood vessels when undergoing chemotherapy.

Rich in Antioxidants

Adding the fruit to your daily diet is good as it is rich in antioxidants. This increases the immunity of the body too.

De-worming Properties

The laxative properties of the fruit aids easy bowel movements. This cleans intestines and even deworms.

Excellent source for vitamins

The delicious fruit has high content of vitamins like B-complex, Vitamin B-6. This helps boost GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) a neurotransmitter which is the chief inhibitory compound in mature vertebrate central nervous systems.

Improves your digestion and vision

The marvelous fruit enhances your vision in a natural way. The fruit is packed with nutrients like minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C that enhances the vision.

Helps in the healing process

The custard apple is effective in treating ulcers and boils when consumed with the daily diet. It moisturizes the skin and reduces the inflammation of affected areas. Also, the skin of the fruit prevents gums and tooth decay.

Ensures a healthy heart

The apple is loaded with magnesium and potassium which protects your heart from cardiac arrests and other diseases. The cholesterol level is well maintained on consumption of the fruit.

Custard Apple Recipe

Custard apples shake to give you instant energy


  • Custard Apple – ½ cup
  • Milk – 2 cups
  • Sugar – 2tsps
  • Crushed ice – required quantity


Add the ingredients in a blender to liquidize

Pour into two glasses and serve with chilled crushed ice.

If you know any more delicious recipes of custard apple, please share it with us.