Switch To Soy Bean Milk For Health Benefits

healthy soy milk

Soy milk is made by soaking the dried soy beans and later grinding it with water in a soy milk machine. This milk is a stable emulsion of water, protein and oil. Historians believe that soy milk originated in China during the early Han dynasty. Soy milk was introduced in the US in the year 1979.

Soy beans belong to the legume family. This legume is rich in proteins. Many food products are made using soy bean for consumption and these are very popular among the vegetarians or those who are on the weight loss program. Soy cottage cheese known as tofu replaces many meat dishes and is consumed by the health freaks around the globe.

Health Benefits Of Soy Bean Milk

  • Helps retain calcium in the body

Research show that when one consumes animal protein diet, it increases the loss of calcium through urine. Soybean milk is a vegetable protein that not only help retain calcium in the blood but also fortifies the blood with this essential mineral. Soy isoflavones help improves bone mass and density, thereby lowering the risk of fracture.

  • Contains no lactose

Soy milk has no lactose and is prescribed to those who are intolerant to lactose. This milk also contains prebiotic sugars- raffinose and stachyose. These help enhance the immunity and reduces toxic elements in the body.

  • Controls the cholesterol level in the body

The fat content in soy milk is unsaturated with zero cholesterol. Regular intake of soy milk can significantly reduce the levels of triglycerides and low density lipoproteins in the blood.

  • Ideal for weight loss

The sugar content in soy milk is less than the regular cow’s milk. The mono-saturated fatty acid in this milk helps in the absorption of fat Additionally, it fills your stomach and suppresses your hunger.

  • Prevents post-menopausal syndromes

The secretion of estrogen decreases during menopause. This can lead to many health issues for women who are going through this phase. The phytoestrogen found in the soy bean milk is an effective replacement for estrogen.

The soy bean milk is nutritious and is also a replacement for those who do not consume dairy products.  Soy bean milk is also used in many recipes as a replacement for milk. Soy milks of various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry are loved by children and adults alike.