Is Sugar-free Diet Coke Good For You

Sugar-free Diet Coke, Does it have any nutritional value
Sugar-free Diet Coke, Does it have any nutritional value

Coco-Cola has been there for more than 130 years and the Sugar-free Diet Coke is the second bestselling soft drink in the US. Several studies have shown that the regular consumption of sugar-free Diet Cokes, sodas and soft drinks can badly affect the health of drinker leading to problems such as high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and various heart diseases.

Are The People Aware Of The Apparent Health Risk

Yes, people are aware of the health risks of regular consumption of diet cokes and other similar soft drinks. As per the latest figures published by a trade publication Beverage Digest in 2015, the sales of the sugar-free Diet Coke had significantly dropped the previous year.

Why You Should Avoid Drinking Diet Coke

People are still blissfully taking a swig of this sweetened, flavored, caffeinated and carbonated water. Here are a few reasons why drinking Diet Coke adversely affects your health.

  • Bad for heart

As per the studies and research conducted by Karilinska Institute, Sweden, men who had one or more sugar-free Diet Coke in a day had 23 percent greater risk of developing heart failure. The study included 42,400 men over a period of 12 years, where over 3000 people were addicted to sweetened beverage were found to be at risk of having heart failure. Beside this, 599 people who participated in the study died of heart condition. The study included the consumption of both the diet as well as regular soda.

  • Decline in the functioning of the kidneys

According to the study conducted in 2009, that involved 3000 women, there is a link between kidney health issues and sugar-free diet soda. As per Dr. Julie Lin, coauthor of the study and medical practitioner at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, regular consumption of artificially sweetened soda and higher sodium are associated with decline in the functioning of the kidney. Dr.Lin opined that women who consumed a couple or more diet sodas in a day have been found to have decrease in kidney function by 30 percent.

  • Risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome

As per the study conducted on 10,000 adults by University of Minnesota,  routine consumption of sugar-free Diet Coke and similar diet sodas lead to 34 percent rise in the risk of metabolic syndrome and 67 percent rise in the risk of diabetes type 2.

Decide now whether you still want to drink the so called “Sugar-free Diet Coke.”

When you sip diet soda or similar soft drinks, you are not drinking anything that does your body good. So why not sip water instead.