Smart Ways To Store Coffee Beans

Store coffee beans smartly to brew a fresh cup every morning
Store coffee beans smartly to brew a fresh cup every morning

Air, moisture, heat and light are the biggest enemies of your coffee beans. Coffee starts to lose its freshness almost after roasting. Therefore, it’s wise to buy coffee beans in small batches of freshly roasted coffee. However, if you have large quantities of coffee, invest in storage containers. It would be a wise idea to divide your coffee supply into a few smaller portions and store them in air-tight containers. Remember, when coffee is used in many recipes those savories become exotic  dishes.

Best Ways To Store Coffee Beans

It’s not always possible to go out pick up fresh coffee beans everyday. Stocking coffee for an entire month or may be for a couple of months is time-efficient. When we stock up coffee, we need to seriously think about storing them properly to keep them fresh to retain its flavor and aroma. Here are a few tips and guidelines to keep your coffee fresh and aromatic.

  • Store whole beans instead of ground coffee

Coffee aficionados prefer to store beans and grind them as and when required. The reason is ground coffee oxidizes quickly. Therefore, if you want to drink fresh cup of this brew store whole beans.

  • Consume the beans within a couple of weeks

The thumb rule is to consume the roasted beans within two weeks from the date of purchase. If you keep coffee beans longer than two weeks, it will go stale. Instead of stocking up coffee beans for more than two weeks, it’s wise to get purchase roasted beans from any reputed e-store and get them shipped directly to your door.

  • Store the beans in an airtight container

You need to clean your storage container each time its empty to keep your beans fresh. You can always store the beans in the reseal able bags they come in. Else you can store them in a glass jar with a tight lid.

  • Store the beans in a cool and dark place

The best way to store beans is in a dark area of your cupboard. Do not put them close to your cooking range or microwave. it will lose its freshness.

Americans drink coffee every morning to kick start their day. If you have any innovative ways to store coffee do share with us in the comment section.