Shriner’s World’s Largest Peanut Boil

Neither more nor less. Just perfect amount of salt  for boiling the peanuts.
Neither more nor less. Just perfect amount of salt for boiling the peanuts.

LUVERNE, AL (WSFA) –  Andy Compton, Shriner CEO, tells that a group of Shriners wanted to raise funds for Alcazar. They decided to boil peanuts and sell them to the tourists as well as the locals.  Shriner’s Peanut Boil day coincides with the Labor Day weekend, every year.

This year Labor Day 2016 falls on 5 September. For the denizens of Luverne, Labor Day Weekend, means only one thing – “Alcazar Shriners boiled peanuts.” The Shriner’s started selling peanuts as early as 5 a.m. on Thursday morning and plan to continue selling until it becomes dark on Monday evening.

The previous year, Shriners sold 25 tons of boiled peanuts as well as a ton of parched peanuts. Compton says, this year also they are planning to do the same. The fund raised from the peanut sales would be donated to Alcazar Shriners Hospital as well as for the upkeep of the Luverne Peanut Boil.

The Shriner’s thank their volunteers as well as the loyal customers. Since, they believe Peanut Boil would not have been a success without them.

Initially, the Shriner’s, put up their stall in a small grocery store parking area. Today, they have their own permanent location. Here, the Shriner’s boil huge vats of peanuts at a time. The peanuts are drained and packaged in their signature brown paper bags.

Their loyal customers opine that Shriner’s sell the perfect peanuts. It’s neither too salty or not salty enough, it’s just perfect. There is a huge group of volunteers who support the fundraising only because the all the money goes to help children’s wing of the Shriner’s Hospital.

According to Compton, “If you’re early get your peanuts, if you’re late get your peanuts, if you’ve got money in your hand, we’ll sell you peanuts.”

What started as a humble fundraiser affair in the 1970s is today a great attraction for the denizens as well as the residents of the neighboring cities and towns.