How Plums Help Achieve Natural Weight Loss

Plums – Eat Them For Weight Loss

Many folk are struggling with weight loss nowadays. The reasons are varied. It could be genetic disposition, pregnancy, side effects of certain medicines, junk diet, lack of exercise, stress to name a few.  The experienced know there are no short cuts to losing weight. Beware of magic pills or magic diet or magic exercise equipment that promise to reduce weight in a jiffy. Usually you did not put on excess weight overnight. It happened over a period of time. Rapid weight loss is neither practical or natural for the body. A strict regimen of diet and exercise over a period of time is the best, safest and most natural way to lose weight permanently.

Appetite suppressants and diet pills have their associated limitations and side effects. Eating a wide variety of low calorie vegetables and fruits is the best diet for weight loss. Plums is one of the ideal fruits which will definitely help you to lose weight. Dried plums or prunes will also help lose weight.

Different ways to consume plums

Ripe plums are delicious and don’t have any side effects. They can be eaten alone or added to fruit salads, breakfast cereals and yoghurt. You can even make juices of them or smoothies. Plums can be cooked to make compote or syrupy sauces for delicious and wholesome dessert dishes. You can even make plum wines, plum jam and plum cake or even pickle the tasty fruit. Plum sauce can be added to yoghurt or frozen milk. In short there is a wide variety of healthy plum dishes.

How plums aid in weight loss

Plums are mostly either European or Japanese in origin. They are low in calories and have a low glycaemic index which means that consuming the fruit won’t lead to blood sugar surges. The fruit is rich in fibre and eating it leads to a feeling of satiety. In short, the stomach fills up and you don’t feel like eating more.  Plums have very little fat. Each small plum contains less than 0.2 grams of fat. Also, this fruit has practically zero saturated fat a type of fat which drives up body cholesterol levels.