Is Mediterranean Diet The Latest Weight loss Fad

Mediterranean diet
Mediterranean Diet

Sixteen countries are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Each of these countries have their own food variations and traditions. However, they all follow the basic principles of the food choices where their diet generally includes mostly plant-based foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. They replace butter with olive oil. The protein choices are fish, eggs, and poultry. Red meat is limited to a couple of times in a month. All their meals are flavored with various spices and herbs. Mediterraneans also enjoy wine in moderation.

Prevents Heart Related Diseases

In the 90’s Mediterranean diet was a very popular around the globe among the health freaks. Dr David Colquhoun, Chair of the Cardiac Society’s Prevention and Clinical Counsel, opines that it’s high time that we start following the Med-diet to reduce the risk of heart vascular diseases such as heart attack, and stroke.

He further adds that studies reported by Lyon Heart Study in 2001 and that of PREDIMED trial in 2013, reveal that those who followed the Mediterranean diet had 50-70 percent reduced risk of recurrent heart disease and 39 percent reduction in stroke respectively.

Magnesium Enriched  Diet

Jessica Bailes, a prominent Dietitian, is of the opinion that Med-diet is a combination of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber and good fats. She further adds that when good fats are added to the vegetables it enhances the absorption of antioxidants by the body.  Med-diet ensures there is an adequate intake of magnesium rich food such as whole-grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains.

As per the research published in  BMC Medicine in December 2016, that had over one million participants, showed that Mediterranean diets is an excellent source of magnesium. This nutrient is good for the heart and lowers the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.  Dr.Colquhoun, is quick to explain that Mediterranean food has many health benefits associated with it.

If you are worried about your waistline when you are in the Med-Diet, there are studies that reveals that eating Mediterranean Diet actually aids in weight Loss.