How To Keep Your Veggies And Fruits Fresh Longer

How to keep them fresh
How to keep them fresh

One of the biggest challenge faced by many of us to find a bunch of wilted greens, rotten apples, bruised fruits and moldy berries by the end of a week. If you are willing to show a bit of little attention, you can save the fruits and veggies from ending up in the compost bin.  If possible try making multiple trips to the market in a week, if that’s not a feasible thing, make a food plan and buy on those veggies and fruits that’s required.  Also if you happen to buy more in a week, here are a few tips to preserve them fresh for a longer time.

A Few Tricks To Make The Fruits And Veggies Last Longer And Fresher

  • First and foremost thing to keep in mind is to buy only what you need for three days. If that’s not possible, plan out all your meals on a weekly basis and buy only what you need for those meals.
  • Ethylene, a gas is produced by certain fruits and vegetables. This gas prematurely ripens the veggies and fruits. Therefore, keep ethylene sensitive foods away from the ethylene sensitive foods.
  • Also keep food away from direct heat and sunlight. Mangoes, pears, plums and tomatoes should never be stored along with leafy greens, watermelon, carrots, broccoli and apples.
  • To retain the flavor of onions, tomatoes and potatoes, avoid refrigerating them.
  • Cut and store vegetables/fruits only if you are going to use them very soon. Even with proper storage it can spoil fast.
  • Store potatoes with apples so they don’t sprout. Never put onions and potatoes together. Onions are not good for potatoes while apples are.
  • Store mushrooms in brown paper bags and then refrigerate.
  • Chopped greens for salads should be wrapped in paper towel and then placed in a bowl. Cover the bowl with a cling film.
  • Clean the berries only if you are consuming immediately. If you want to store them after cleaning. Soak them in a mixture made by combining 10 parts water with 1 part of white vinegar. This will remove not only pesticides and dirt but also prevent mold from settling in.
  • Keep bananas away from other fruits because it one of the fruits that produce highest amount of ethylene gas.
  • If you want to delay the ripening of a bunch of bananas, wrap a plastic cover over the crown of the banana.
  • Store your greens and herbs in vases of water as you put your flowers in a vase. However, if you do not want to loot the space of your refrigerator, then store them in an aluminum foil to reduce the spoilage time.

Avoid over loading your refrigerator. Therefore, should proper air circulation inside the fridge else, the food items will get spoiled fast.

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