Interesting Facts About Wheat

Healthy whole wheat bread
Healthy whole wheat bread

Wheat grain belongs to the family of grasses and is believed to have originated in the valley of Euphrates and Tigris. Today, there are over 30,000 different varieties of wheat and its produced in every continent of the world. In the pre-history days, this grain was consumed raw. People gathered the seeds, removed the husk and chewed the kernels. Romans believed Goddess Ceres was the protector of this grain. The term “cereal” was derived from the name of this Roman goddess.

Health Facts of Wheat

  • Improved metabolism – Rich in fiber, whole wheat diet aids in digestive process. This facilitates better overall metabolism of the body. Wheat diet helps to stay slim and healthy.
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes – This grain is a rich source of magnesium. This mineral acts as a co-factor for the enzymes that balances the secretion of glucose and functional use of insulin. Regular consumption of wheat products promotes healthy blood sugar level.
  • Reduces inflammation- Its rich in betaine. This prevents inflammation and this in turns reduces the risk of rheumatic pains and rheumatic diseases.
  • Vitamins and Minerals – Also a source of several vitamins as well as minerals. Some of the minerals include folate, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium.
  • Prevents colon and breast cancer, also protects against coronary heart disease. It reduces the secretion of bile acid. Consuming this grain also improves the gastrointestinal health in the women folk.

Fun Facts About Wheat

  • Wheat is the 3rd largest crop grown in the United States.
  • One bushel of this grain contains close to one million individual kernels.
  • Due to presence of the gluten, a protein, 1% of the human population cannot consume wheat products. The reason is they suffer from celiac disease.
  • The proteins found in this grain is used in the body lotions, lip balms and hair conditioners.
  • The grain is also used to make alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, gin and vodka.
  • The starch is used to make glue, and other adhesives.

There are many interesting facts about wheat. Most important ones have been covered here. If we have missed out any  interesting facts, share with us in the comment section. Heard of unbleached wheat?