Interesting Facts About Peanut Butter

Utterly delicious and nutritious savory butter
Utterly delicious and nutritious savory butter

Peanuts as well as peanut butter has a gamut of nutritional value and health benefits. Chocolate and peanut butter is an irresistible combination. You can make various healthy recipes with this wonder food. There are many interesting facts about this savory spread.

13 Fun Facts About Peanut Butter

  1. Every year 13 September  is celebrated as the National Peanut Day.
  2. Do you know that the peanuts are the natives of South American? The Spanish traders carried this plant to the African continent. It entered the American market at the time of slave trade.
  3. America is the largest producer as well as the consumer of peanut butter in the world. Wisconsin, a Midwestern state of United States of America is the largest producer of peanut butter.
  4. Do you know that an average American consumes around six to seven pounds of this butter annually? That is, 90 percent of American homes include peanut butter in their diet.
  5. Thomas Jefferson as well as Jimmy Carter, two former presidents of the USA, were farmers who cultivated peanuts as their staple crop.
  6. Arachibutyrophobia (pronounced A’-ra-kid-bu-ti-ro-pho-bi-a), is the fear of this butter getting stuck on the roof of your mouth.
  7. Unlike the other nuts that grown on the branches of their trees, peanut grows under the ground. Technically speaking, these are legumes and do not belong to the nut family.
  8. Sixty percent of the crop of peanuts is grown in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. And more than half of the harvest goes into making peanut butter.
  9. To make a jar of peanut butter weighing approximately 12 ounces you need 540 peanuts.
  10. As per the American law, a bottle of this butter should contain 90 percent of the peanuts to be labelled as peanut butter.
  11. As per the findings of National Peanut Board, men prefer their butter to be crunchy while the women want it to be smooth and silky.
  12. Peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) sandwiches are the most favored comfort food by the American students. In 2012, Patrick Bertoletti entered the Guinness World Records for eating six PB&J sandwich is just a minute.
  13. Peanut butter contains many essential nutrients. Therefore, it is used in many healthy recipes.

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