Interesting Facts About Mustard

Mustard as a condiment

Mustard belongs to the cabbage family. There are close to 40 varieties of this plant. The most commonly used varieties are black, white and brown. This plant grows best in the regions that have colder climate, moist soil and receives good sunlight.  Apart from being one of the most popular condiments it’s also used in traditional medicines.

Interesting Mustard Facts

Is mustard a plant – It is a plant while the prepared mustard is a condiment. It became a popular as condiment in the early 20th century when it was used as one of the spreads for the hot dogs.

History of mustard as a condiment – It’s a first ever condiment that humans used on their food. History reveals that Pharaohs of Egypt stocked their tombs with mustard seeds to take it to their after life. However, Romans were the first civilization to grind the mustard seeds and use it as a spread on their breads and also mixed it with wine or vinegar. It’s believed that the term mustard is derived the words, ” must” that means unfermented wine. The French monks mixed the paste of mustard with unfermented wine.

Traditional  medicine – The ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a traditional medicine. Pythagoras used it cure scorpion stings. While Hippocrates used mustard paste to soothe aches and pains. The ancient roman physicians used it cure toothache. Currently its used as an appetite stimulant, weight loss supplement, immunity booster, regulator of cholesterol levels.

Dijon mustard – The popular Dijon mustard can be made anywhere in the world today. In the 13th century, Dijon in France was the hub of mustard production. This spice as a condiment became popular in 1856. Jean Naigeon, a French history painter, added Verjuice, juice of unripe grapes, instead of vinegar to the ground mustard. Today, the recipe of Dijon mustard is replicated across the world.

Canada and Nepal produces more than half of global mustard.  It’s a myth that mustard is yellow. It gets the vibrant hue from the turmeric that is added to it. World’s only mustard museum is in Southern Wisconsin, USA, and known as National Mustard Museum. It stores more than 5566 bottles, jars and tubes of this condiment.

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