Interesting Facts About Marshmallows

Marshmallows in a hot mug of chocolate gives the punch of sugar that you were craving for.
Marshmallows in a hot mug of chocolate gives the punch of sugar that you were craving for.

The brightly colored cylindrical marshmallows sealed in reseal-able bag that you buy from your confectioners or from Amazon, a popular online shop, is much loved by the children and adults. These puffed candies can be added to your bowl of cereal or a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Apart from that marshmallow candies can be used as a topping or mixed with your cake mixture to bake a yummy marshmallow cake treat. It can also be grilled in an open fire. It becomes soft and mushy inside.

History of Marshmallows

The history of marshmallow goes back to Ancient Egypt where, say 2000 odd years. The Egyptians used the extract from the plant called mallow and mixed it with raw honey, grains and nuts and baked it into cakes. These were offered to the Gods. Historians also opine that these cakes were consumed only by the nobility and pharaohs. It was considered as a punishable offence if eaten by the people of the lower strata.

In the 15th century, the Greeks and Romans also used mallow sap to cure sore throats, toothaches, cough and indigestion. They also believed that marshmallows possessed aphrodisiac properties.

It was the French chefs and bakers of the 19th century who discovered that the marshmallow extract beaten with egg whites and corn syrup and baked can be made into a delicious confectionery.

Interesting Facts About Marshmallow

  • Do you know this sweet confectionery is known as marshmallow because it is made from the root or sap of a plant known as mallow that grows near salt marshes?
  • You can make them at home. The homemade ones are usually cut into cubes. While commercially produced ones are available in various shapes, cylindrical being the most popular one.
  • These puffed candy can be eaten as it is or added to hot collocate or cereal as a sweetener.
  • Lignonier, Indiana is known as the marshmallow capital of the world and annually the Ligonier Marshmallow Festival held to honor this sweet candy is attended by many.
  • Heard of “althaiophobia.” It means fear of marshmallows.
  • Did you know these sweet things are literally fat-free?
  • In 1948, Alex Doumak invented the marshmallow machine and this made it possible to produce marshmallow candies in mass.

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