How To Choose The Right Size Thanksgiving Turkey

Roasted turkey
Roasted turkey

The best thing about Thanksgiving Day is the roasted turkey. With the leftover turkey, you make sandwiches for that night and also add it in various dishes for many days after Thanksgiving. If you buy a small bird, it’s going to be a total disaster. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right measure of turkey to feed your guests on Thanksgiving Day. Remember, when it comes to feeding a crowd, it’s always better to have excess Thanksgiving turkey than having too little.

Thumb Rule To Pick The Right Amount Of Thanksgiving Turkey

The thumb rule for picking the right size turkey is to buy a pound per person. Never go by the size of the turkey.

If your fridge or oven does not have room for a 20-pound bird, buy turkey drumsticks or breast pieces to supplement the whole bird.

Remember the raw turkey shrinks when its cooked. Therefore, a pound of raw turkey is less than a pound when cooked.

Cut the roasted turkey into small bite able pieces so the guests can enjoy a healthy portion of the same.

A portion of turkey has around 291 calories, 13.6 gms of fat and 39 gms of protein.

Fresh Or Frozen : Choosing Your Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s a personal preference whether you want a fresh or frozen turkey. It also depends largely on how soon you plan on cooking your turkey.

Fresh turkeys are the best if you have very little time to before the final preparation.

Frozen turkeys need several days to thaw and you need adequate space in your freezer as you can store weeks well in advance.

As a last note, you need to know how many guests you have for Thanksgiving Feast.