Healthy Food Out Of The Reach Of Many

Junk Food - Can it be eliminated?
Junk Food – Can it be eliminated?

Healthy food is difficult and expensive to procure. The heading above says it all. In today’s modern era there is a plethora of information regarding which foods are good and bad for health. Yet there is a global epidemic of obesity which puts individuals at risk for major ailments such as diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease. Thanks to the use of pesticides and herbicides several fruits, vegetables and herbs contain a lot of toxic elements. Consumption of toxic laden food is dangerous to human health particularly to young children and the elderly.

The poor are suffering more than the rich. As a result of poor economic conditions and inaccessibility healthy food is out of the reach of most of us. Ignorance about good nutrition is caused by illiteracy and lack of health awareness. Organic food and food free of genetically modified organisms(GMO) is too expensive for many. As a result, they buy the relatively cheaper junk and pre-packaged food.

So most of us are eating less fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are the foundation of a healthy diet.  Instead the economically disadvantaged, the ignorant and those living in inaccessible locations are consuming processed food loaded with high amounts of sugar, salt and oil. There is an urgent need to immediately address this alarming situation. A global nutrition awareness campaign, better connectivity to remote areas and substantial subsidies for healthy foods is the need of the hour. Both developed and developing countries should mount a concerted healthy eating campaign.