Health Resolutions For 2017

Health Filled New Year
Health Filled New Year

We all have a list of New Year Health resolutions that we hardly keep up with because usually its either attainable or overwhelming. However, if we take baby steps, then its actually in our power to change our life drastically. Consider a few health resolutions that can be followed if you have a measured approach.

 Do more exercise

It’s easier said than done. Instead of enrolling for a weight loss program or aggressive workout regime, try walking, or biking instead of driving, consider climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator. You should also try doing 5 to 10 minutes’ yoga workouts. Its available on YouTube. Short and focused workouts will not only help you to build confidence but also remove any anxiety of achieving the health goals.

Get ample sleep

This is important if your mind and body has to function. Its critical for preventing weight gain, anxiety, depression and maintaining alertness. Consider turning off all the screens, including television, smartphones and laptops at least a couple of hours before bedtime. Also, resist the urge to keep your cellphone close to your bed.

Snack on a bowl of salad instead of a doughnut

A bowl of salad is not only filling but also good for health. You can add your favorite nuts to add a crunch to it. Less sugar is good for health. You can always consider making salad in a jar and carrying it to your workplace as a full meal or evening snack.

Reduce Caloric intake

Cut down on the carbs and consider a diet rich in nuts, olive oil, fish and whole grains. Avoid processed foods. Instead increase the intake of lean cuts of chicken, turkey and fish. Consider protein  rich diet. Now you should drastically reduce your calories in one swoop. Do it gradually over a period of six months. It will help the body to get used to the fewer calories.

Drink plenty of water

To be in top shape you need to drink plenty of water. It keeps your body well hydrated and also cleanses the vital organs. There is no hard and fast rule as to how much glasses of water to drink. You can should consume as per the requirements of your body. However, while doing strenuous workouts, increase the intake of water.

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