Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea Salt- The Healthy Salt
Sea Salt- The Healthy Salt

Sea salt is different from the conventional table salt that most people purchase and use in their food. It is far superior to table salt. Salt is usually put in food in all different cuisines of the world and has been used since ancient times. Did you know that salt was considered so valuable that it was once used as money?

Why is Table Salt bad?

Table salt is obtained by extensive processing which includes bleaching, diluting as well as iodizing. The processing process results in the loss of all the minerals and trace elements. Only sodium and chloride are left in the end. Using it can even cause iodine overdose.

The production of sea salt doesn’t involve processing. So, it retains all the beneficial minerals and trace elements. So, consumption of sea salt is a healthier alternative to that of consuming the widespread table salt.  A word of caution. Consuming too much salt regardless of its type is detrimental to health. All types of salt must be consumed in moderation. Authentic unrefined sea salt acts as a powerful health promoter.

We look at some of the health benefits of this salt.

Rich Reservoir of Electrolytes

Sea salt is rich in several important electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, sodium as well as magnesium that play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the human body. Consumption of adequate amounts of this salt can prevent electrolyte imbalance which results in severe symptoms and can be life threatening.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Scientific research has determined that this salt is effective in having stable blood sugar levels. It decreases diabetes patient’s need for insulin medication. So, diabetes patients can reduce their medicines and include sea salt in their diet.

Good for blood pressure patients

Sea salt is beneficial to hypertension patients. It helps in regulating blood pressure. Additionally, it gets rid of irregular heartbeats. On the whole it prevents the onset of cardiac ailments.

If you have experienced other health benefits by including this salt in your diet, please share your inputs so that others may benefit.