Health Benefits of Farro

Farro - The Healthy Wheat
Farro – The Healthy Wheat

Farro is a kind of wheat that has been consumed since ancient times. However, it has become popular globally only very recently. Due to its superiority to other existing type of cereals in terms of myriad health benefits it is rapidly gaining in worldwide popularity.

History of Farro

This wheat has a long history. Did you know it was found in Egyptian tombs? The Pharaohs must have consumed it in their diets. The cereal was widely consumed by the Roman civilization. It has been a staple in Ethiopia, the Mediterranean region and the Middle East for a very long time. However, it was relatively unknown in other areas of the world. The wheat was fondly called “Pharaoh’s Wheat” as it was widespread in Egypt prior to migrating to Italy.

We take a look at some of the health benefits of this cereal.

High amounts of Fiber, Protein and Antioxidants

Farro is rich in fiber, calcium, protein and antioxidants. The latter reverses or slows down the process of aging. Antioxidants also eliminate the free radicals present in the body that are a leading cause of cancer. Fiber rich foods make the stomach feel fuller thus alleviating hunger pangs and helping in weight loss. Protein is essential for cell formation and healing of wounds.

Safer to consume

Farro is a superior alternative to the conventional white and brown rice as several kinds of rice have been found to have traces of arsenic which is a dangerous human carcinogen. The latter causes cancer in humans. Hence it is safer to consume Farro as a staple cereal.

More Tolerable for individuals with Gluten Allergy

The wheat has less gluten content than present types of wheat. If prepared in the right way, the gluten content is pre-digested and made easier to eat by fermentation as well as sprouting. It is more tolerable to individuals suffering from gluten sensitivity.

Prevents Lifestyle Diseases

Several scientific studies and surveys have discovered that consumption of this wheat in the diet helps prevent diabetes, hypertension and high blood cholesterol.  People already having lifestyle ailments can regularly consume Farro based dishes to bring down the severity of their illness as well as symptoms.

How to eat Farro

You can make risottos, salads, soups and desserts with this cereal. A delicious breakfast can be made by mixing steamed Farro with yoghurt, nuts and honey. It is an excellent healthy accompaniment to roasted chicken or grilled steak. Soaking Farro in water overnight is necessary to cook it well. Otherwise the cereal will be hard or impossible to eat. If cooked properly it is more digestible than other types of wheat.

If you have experienced any additional benefits by consuming Farro please share your experience for the benefits of others.