Health Benefits Of Corn

Grilled corn is a functional food
Grilled corn is a functional food

Corn is a vegetable that is high in carbohydrate, protein, fiber, potassium, and vitamins. It’s known as a functional food as its loaded with multiple nutrients that are beneficial for the body. This is one of vegetable when combined with food items such as spinach, kale, cottage cheese and so on brings out the nutrient contents in these too. Some of the refined corn products include pop-corn, sweetcorn, cornflour, syrup, tortilla chips, cornmeal, tortillas.

Why You Should Include Corn In Your Diet

  • Aids in digestion – Both soluble and insoluble fiber is found in this vegetable. Soluble fiber aids in reducing cholesterol absorption while insoluble fiber prevents intestinal health issues such as irritable Bowel Syndrome and diarrhea. It also prevents constipation and reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • Prevents anemia –  A rich source of vitamin B12, folic acid, iron as well as essential minerals. These are required to produce healthy red blood cells, which in turn prevents anemia.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol – It is loaded with nutrients such as bioflavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C. This leads to healthy heart. These nutrients control the cholesterol levels and also increases the blood flow.
  • Aids in weight gain – Its high in calorie and rich in carbohydrates. That is, one cup of corn kernels has 130 calories. Those who are underweight are advised to include corn in their diet.
  • Vitamin A – This is anti-oxidant that controls the free radicals in the body. It also aids in strengthening the connective tissue and moistens the mucous membranes in nose, throat and lungs. Consider having a meal that includes winter squash, sweetcorn, carrots or sweet potatoes. It will increase the level of this vitamin in the blood.
  • Enhances vision – Contains the chemical carotenoids that will reduce the impairment of vision. Beta-carotene aids in the production of vitamin A, that help in improving vision.

Though corn has many health benefits. It is advisable to moderate the intake of corn for those who have leanings towards obesity or those are at a high risk of heart disease.