Health Benefits of Bitter Squash

Bitter Squash Popularly Known As Bitter Gourd
Bitter Squash Popularly Known As Bitter Gourd

Bitter Squash is known in many different names such as Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd, Balsam Pear, Momordica Charantia which are few to be named. It is a field crop as well as backyard vegetable. Bitter Gourd belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and is the bitter tasting vegetable with many health benefits.

Nutritional Facts

One cup of Bitter Gourd contains the following nutrients.
•    930mg – Protein
•    87.4g – Water
•    1 gm – Ash
•    158 mg – Fats
•    3.4 g – Carbohydrates
•    2.6 g – Dietary Fiber
•    438 IU – Vitamin A
•    78 mg – Vitamin C
•    37 mcg – Thiamin
•    37 mcg – Riboflavin
•    372 mcg – Niacin
•    40 mcg – Vitamin B6
•    67 mcg – Folate
•    197 mcg – Pantothenic Acid
•    18 mg – Calcium
•    400 mcg – Iron
•    16 mg – Magnesium
•    29 mg – Phosphorus
•    275 mg – Potassium
•    4.7 mg – Sodium
•    32 mcg – Copper
•    83 mcg – Maganese
•    0.19 mcg – Selenium

Medicinal Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

  • Remedy for Diabetes

Bitter Gourd has hypoglycemic property that enhances control over diabetes. The Charantin, Alkaloids and Peptides present in the Gourd lowers urine and blood sugar levels.

  • Blood Purifier

Bitter Squash is simply a blood purifier. Blood disorders like blood boils, itching caused due to blood poison can be treated by consuming Bitter Gourd.

  • Treatment of Piles

Bitter Gourd juice  mixed with butter milk is a perfect home remedy for piles. A good source of fiber and an excellent digestive agent Gourd prevents constipation as well.

  • Secretes gastric juices

Adding Balsam Pear in your daily diet stimulates the secretion of gastric juices which is a blessing to people who suffer from dyspepsia.

  • Increases your energy and stamina levels

Bitter melon juice is a best home remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome.  It aides to increases the stamina level of the body.

  • Prevents skin diseases

Various skin diseases, infections even such as eczema can be avoided by adding Bitter Gourd to your daily diet. It improves your skin texture and reduces the risk of acne.

  • Treats menstrual disorders

Bitter Gourd is beneficial in treating the female genital tract infection and menstrual disorders. The anti inflammatory property of the vegetable reduces the excess blood flow during the menstrual cycle.