Halloween Wines For The Ghoulish Bash

Spooky Drink for the Halloween get together
Spooky Drink for the Halloween get together

Spooky decoration, music, games, and ghoulish food are part of Halloween. However, ghoulish bash also marks the need for serving creepy beverages. Halloween is actually for kids. Over the past few decades, the trends have changed and today, adults are also very much the part of the ghoulish bash. This could be reason that the famed wineries have gone an extra mile to introduce Halloween Wines to add an extra spirit to your celebrations.

Three Spooky Must-have Halloween Wines

  • Velvet Devil Merlot

This wine is prepared using Merlot grapes from Washington State. Its called the velvet devil for its reddish velvet and smooth in texture. It has a flavor of chocolate covered cherries, cedar, sweet spices and plum. Pair the Halloween main course with this wine. Sinister Hand from Owen Roe Wines, Sinister Hand wine has the flavors of both raspberry and currant. The fragrance of this wine is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, cocoa and cranberry. The label on the bottle is an amputated hand, so a must-have wine for the ghoulish party.

  • Vampire Pinot Noir

Introduced by Vampire Vineyards is a perfect drink for Halloween bashes. Its a mild red wine that has aromas of berries and other wild fruits. This is usually preferred by the young crowd as it’s a perfect blood red wine for vampire theme party.

  • Poizin

Its known as the wine to die for. This Zinfandel wine from Armida Winery, California. To raise its spooky quotient, the bottle has a red skull with crossbones symbol engraved on it. This wine tickles your palatte with overtones of sweet oak, coffee, caramel, black plum, blackberry, peppercorns, vanilla, and black cherries.

If you are planning a Halloween treat or want to carry a bottle of wine for the party, there are many scary wines such as Phobia from Black Widow Winery, Afraid of Dark from Moon Curser Vineyards and so on.

Now you want to scare only your guests with spooky wines and not your pocket. So choose a good wine within your budget. Happy Halloween!