What Foods Help In Treating Depression and What Foods To Avoid

Depression - Beat it with food
Depression – Beat it with food

Depression is a common mental disorder in the modern era. Loneliness, work stress, relationship problems, genetic predisposition, side effects of certain medicines, drug usage, family tragedies are some of the leading causes of depression. Some classic symptoms of clinical depression include constantly sad mood, feelings of guilt, hopelessness and worthlessness, fatigue, oversleeping or insomnia, major increase or decrease in appetite and lowered libido. The symptoms may be so severe as to interfere with normal functioning. The affected person may not be able to work, study or maintain social relationships.

The first logical step is to meet a psychiatrist or psychologist. Depression is usually treated by antidepressant drugs and therapy. However, the drugs may not work for everyone or may have unpleasant side effects. Food is an excellent alternative to anti-depressants as they are completely natural and free of side effects. As they say a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Consuming healthy foods goes a long way in ensuring a healthy body.

Foods You Should Avoid if You are Suffering from Depression

  • Foods containing high amounts of Caffeine

Caffeine worsens depression although consuming it makes you feel better in the beginning. However ingesting caffeine rich food and beverages later makes you feel worse than before. Avoid tea, coffee, certain brands of chocolate and colas.

  • Foods containing high amounts of sugar

Though depressed folk reach out for comfort foods such as sweets, chocolates and ice cream they relieve this condition only temporarily. The affected individuals should stay away from sugary food and beverages.

List of Foods that Help in Combating Depression

  • Chamomile Tea

This beverage is an ancient home remedy for curing stress, anxiety as well as depression. Recent scientific studies have testified to its potent anti-depressant properties.

  • Fish

Tuna fish has an amino acid termed tryptophan which helps the body produces serotonin that cures depression. Most fishes are rich in protein a natural antidepressant and mood elevator. This food also contains large amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that are potent against depression.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate should be low in sugar to be effective against depression. It is rich in polyphenols and flavonols which are vital kinds of antioxidants. The food item also decreases blood pressure resulting in a calming effect.

  • Green Tea

Although caffeine is present in green tea, an amino acid termed theanine is present in it. This slimming concoction doubles up as a brain enhancer elevating mental ability.

Finally consume foods rich in protein, selenium, tryptophan, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and complex carbohydrates to keep this mental condition at bay.

A Final Note

Don’t rely on consuming healthy foods alone for battling this mental disorder. Exercise regularly, get plenty of sunshine and cultivate a strong social support system to battle this dreaded menace.

If you know of any other foods that alleviate this disorder, please share them with us so that others may benefit.