Fittest World Leaders – Part I

With just a week more to bring in the year 2017, we have put together a list of the fittest heads of the States in 2017. For the first time in the history of America, an American president is not part of this health list. Though, President Barack Obama was on the list the previous year, he would be shortly leaving the office in the coming year. Here is the first set of leaders who top the list as fittest world leaders.

Prime Minister Canada – Justin Trudeau, 45


Justin Trudeau

“Boxing is as much about receiving hits as giving them,”  as said by Trudeau. He enjoys this sport and ensures that dust never settles on his boxing gloves as he goes boxing once in a week to relieve stress. The other physical activities that interests him include snowboarding and canoeing.

King of Spain – King Felipe VI, 48

King Philip of spain

He is one of the fittest European heads of state. This Spanish king is also an Olympian as he had participated in the 1992 Barcelona Games as one of the members of the Olympic Sailing team.

Prime Minister Australia – Malcolm Turnbull, 62

PM of Australia

TurnBull believes eating in smaller quantities aids in weight loss. Additionally, the concept of fasting has helped him view healthy eating as ” liberating choice than a restrictive chore.” He enjoys biking around Lake Burley. You would also catching him swimming and kayaking in Sydney during the warmer months while rowing when the weather is much colder. His exercise partner is his wife.

President of Argentina – Mauricio Macri, 57

Mauricio, Pres. Argentina

Mauricio Macri was the team president for  Boca Juniors, Division 1 Argentinian soccer team for over a decade. He promotes biking as a form of public transport. When on International trips to countries such as China, US of America, and so on, he is seen bike riding. He had gifted, the President of America an electric bike in April this year.

 King of Belgium – King Philippe Maria, 56

King philleppe Maria of Belgium

A former parachutist and fighter pilot, King Philippe Maria has also served as Vice-Admiral of the Navy. He is also passionate about of winter sports especially skiing.  The king is not only the fittest European royals but also the fittest European heads of state.

Chancellor of Germany – Angela Merkel, 62

Chancelor Merkel of Germany

Die Welt newspaper, once wrote to clarify the enigma surrounding the Mekel’s fitness “Merkel’s fitness secret has been known for years and is very simple: There is none.” She is known as not only Europe’s most powerful woman but also a robust one. British media, in 2014 after she lost over 20lbs referred to her as “much more fresh and sporty” person.

 King of Jordan – King Abdullah II, 54

King of Jordan, Abdullah

King of Jordan is a fitness freak and he awards those students who prioritize fitness and education as a part of their lifestyle. King Abdullah II enjoys a game of classic soccer though he plays dynamic activities such as scuba diving and sky diving.

King of Cambodia – King Norodom Sihamoni, 63

King of cambodia- Norodomm

King Norodom has in-depth knowledge in classical dance and music. He is known for his efforts as a cultural ambassador in Europe. Apart from dance and music, he keeps himself fit by bike riding and walking around the palace grounds.

To Be Continued In Part II

Source: Samir Becic, number one fitness trainer in the US of America. He is also a co-founder of the website Health Fitness Revolution.

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