How To Enjoy Lychee Fruit

The Queen of Fruits ,  Lychee
The Queen of Fruits , Lychee

Lychee is the divine fruit that resembles leathery strawberries on the outside, while inside the leathery peel its white and translucent. The flesh is closer to grapes in texture and appearance. Lychee has a unique flavor that is very soothing to the palate and is extremely fragrant.

Enjoying The Divine Fruit Lychee

Selecting the fruit – A unique feature of lychee fruit is that, it has to be fully ripen on the tree. Unlike mangoes or other fruits, it will not ripen after its harvested and un-ripened fruit will leave a bitter after taste in the mouth. Therefore, a fully ripened fruit will be red or pinkish red with traces of yellow, purple or brown. Pick up those fruits that have no or fewer spots, have an excellent fragrance and simply avoid fruits that are green or have cracks on the peel.

Peeled Lychee Fruit

How To Eat Lychee Fruit

The leathery skin of the lychees must be peeled off before eating. Use a knife or simply remove the peel with your finger nails.

Once the skin is removed, pop the lychee into your mouth or you can use a knife to slice the fruit. You will find a single seed inside.

Lychee refrigerated with the peel on turns brown
Lychee refrigerated with the peel on turns brown

How to Freeze/Preserve Lychee Fruit

  1. Refrigerator – The fresh lychees can be refrigerated. Put them in a plastic bag or a container and leave the mouth of the bag or container slightly open. This will prevent condensation and mold from setting in. Though the skin will turn brown and also harden a bit, the flavor of the flesh will not be affected. The fruit can be stored in the fridge for two weeks.
  2. Freezer compartment – This fruit will also freeze well. Though some may peel the skin before putting them in a freezer bag for freezing it’s not necessary. You can simply put the lychees in a freezer bag or container and freeze it. It will stay fresh for about a year.

Recipes Using Lychee Fruits

Lychees are highly nutritious fruit. A cup of fresh lychee has only 125 calories. It is enriched with Vitamin C. Dietary fiber equals that of an apple and is a rich source of potassium. Therefore, you can use it in your recipes  such as

  • Fruit salads and desserts
  • Chicken salad and stir fries
  • As a topping on baked ham
  • Sorbets and ice creams.

Watch out this space to read the recipes and health benefits of devouring lychee fruit.