Christmas Dinners Around The World

Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner

Around the world on the Christmas day people tuck in all sorts of wonderful festive delicacies. In Britain, X’mas dinner table will have turkey as the main menu and Christmas pudding for dessert. In North America, turkey is never served for Christmas. However, you would find beef or pork roast or stuffed duck. They replace the traditional Yorkshire pudding with pumpkin or apple pie.

In many parts of Europe, Christmas dinner is held on  December 24, and turkey is no where to be seen on the Christmas table. Wigilia, or the Star Supper is the main attraction of Poland. Borscht,  and dumplings are seen the highlights of the banquet.

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is favored by the Italians on the eve of Christmas as they avoid meat before the X’mas day. Roasted goose, and red cabbage  along with a slice of stollen is popular in Germany.

Roasted Reindeer or puffin is served in Iceland. In most parts of the world, Christians fast till December 23rd, so their menu would be just mashed potatoes and fish. Eating meat is a big No traditionally. Slovakians, and east Europeans serve thick Sauerkraut soup and fried carp.

In Provence region of France, 13 desserts are made in honor of  Christ and the 12 apostles. Its left outside the house for three days for anyone to eat.  Christians in Egypt celebrate Christmas only in January. Therefore, on the eve of Christmas, January 6, they make a special meal called Fata, a lamb stew with rice, bread and garlic.

Australians celebrate the festival the British way in spite of the weather being very hot. In Mexico, on the Eve, Mexicans binge on their traditional stews and fish dishes. They also make the popular corn dough pastries and sweet fritters called Bunuelos. The natives of Peru have turkey and hot chocolates.

Now do you know in Japan, Christmas is not a national holiday?