Healthy Granola Bars Make A Great Snack

Healthy granola bar - A perfect companion on a hiking, trekking or camping trips
Healthy granola bar – A perfect companion on hiking, trekking or camping trips

Healthy granola bars give you instant energy and therefore its eaten as a snack any time of the day. Those on a weight loss program can also binge on this nutritious snack. The hikers, campers and trekkers carry this nourishing snack with them as it gives instant energy and is non-perishable. The basic ingredients of granola bars are oats, honey and butter. To this base mixture you can add nuts, raisins and other dry berries. You can also add puffed rice. All the ingredients are mixed together and baked until they are crispy so they stay for a long time.

How is it usually eaten

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was the first person to make ready-to-eat granola bar by mixing together oatmeal, wheat flour, and cornmeal. Over the years, this humble granola bar went through many changes. Now you have variety of flavored bars that contain various types of nuts and dry fruits to choose from.

Granola can be crumbled and combined with yogurt. To this mixture you can add honey as a sweetener, and also fruits such as cubed apples, banana and strawberries. Or you can just much on it.  People who are mostly on the move carry granola bars with them as its undeniable healthy. It’s also a delicious, convenient and versatile meal that can be consumed at any time of the day.

Health Benefits of Granola Bars

  • Facilitates digestion

The ingredients of granola bar such as oats, nuts and dry fruits are high in fiber content. For instance, one cup of granola contains approximately 4g of dietary fiber that aid in the control of blood sugar level, prevent constipation and promotes digestion.

  • Source of essential vitamins and minerals

The nuts and seeds found in the bar are rich in vitamin E, A, folate and thiamin and also provide generous amount of antioxidants. The minerals found in granola include selenium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. These minerals increase the immune system as well as regulate the functioning of the thyroid glands.

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

This bar is a rich source of unsaturated lipids, omega-3, carbohydrates, and natural sugar. These factors prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease as it reduces the cholesterol in the body.

Although granola bars are healthy, you should limit the amount of granola you consume. If you are purchasing a store bought granola bars, opt for low-fat  and low in sugar ones.