Is Brown Sugar Better Than White Sugar

Is brown sugar an alternative choice to white sugar?
Is brown sugar an alternative choice to white sugar?

Many of us would be wondering what is brown sugar and  how is it different from the white refined sugar or the table sugar.

What Is Brown Sugar

The byproduct that you get when white Sugar is mixed in various quantities with the molasses is known as the brown sugar. This is one of the reasons why brown sugar can hold its shape similar to that of a wet sand. Raw sugar, that is unprocessed sugar is also brown in color. It’s the end product that you get when the juice of the sugar cane is evaporates. The quantity of molasses added varies from producer to producer. However, light brown sugar contains 3.5 percent of molasses. While, the dark brown sugar contains approximately 6.5-7 percent of molasses.

Why Is Brown Sugar Better Than White Sugar?

Technically speaking, this sugar is healthier than the table sugar because it contains molasses, which is a rich source of dietary potassium. It also has small quantities of B vitamins, magnesium, iron and calcium. Here are a few factors why you should choose this sugar  over white sugar.

  • Moister – Brown sugar is moist because of the presence of molasses. This is one of the reasons, its used in various cuisines.
  • Rich in flavor and texture – Refined white sugar has no flavor. However, brown-colored sugar has both texture as well as flavor. Therefore, its used in the marination of meat and also in other sweet dishes.
  • Skin protection – It resembles wet sand. It can be mixed with fruit pulp to make a scrub. When you scrub this mixture on your skin, it will help remove the dead skin. This sugar also removes the dirt that clogs the skin.

How Much Brown Sugar Should You Consume

It would be wise to limit the intake of brown sugar, molasses and white sugar as much as possible if you want to maximize your health and lower the risks of heart diseases, and weight gain.