Best Food And Drink Fall Festival In The US

People enjoying the Fall Festival
People enjoying the Fall Festival

You say goodbye to the summer months and welcome autumn through harvest festivals. From Oktoberfest’s to wine harvests to pumpkin carving for Halloween each Fall festival that is held throughout the nation is very colorful. Autumn is the time when the weather becomes cool, leaves change into russet-golden color and the air smells of the finest harvest, apple cider and good food.

National Apple Harvest Festival

Apple from  Harvest Festival
Apples from Harvest Festival

To celebrate the apple harvest, Arendtsville and Biglerville, the towns of Pennsylvania come together at the South Mountain Fairgrounds. The visitors can taste the fresh-pressed cider, munch on the apple dumplings and have scoops of apple sauce. You can also enjoy the fresh apples. This festival is held on the first two weekends in October where you get to see a lot of native crafts people, square dancing, Native American dancers and live music.

International Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloons, One of the Autumn Festivals
Hot Air Balloons, One of the Autumn Festivals

Each year in the month of October, international Balloon Festival is held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You will get to see more than 600 hot air balloons take off from a 365-acre park. It’s an impressive sight which ends with fireworks in the evening.

Warrens Cranberry Festival

Warren's Nations largest producer of Cranberry
Warren’s Nations largest producer of Cranberry

Wisconsin is the leading cranberry producer and every fall people from all over the nation come together to for the annual cranberry celebrations. This festival is held in the Warrens, Wisconsin. Its celebrated with great pomp and show. Marsh tours, parade and crowning of cranberry royalty are some of the highlights of the festival.

Boston Wine Expo

Largest Interational Wine Expo that's held in Boston
Largest Interational Wine Expo that’s held in Boston

This is the largest wine festival in America where you get to tastes 1,800 different wine from more than 300 international wineries. You can choose to attend one of the many tasting seminars here. Food and drink is great where you get to taste the culinary skills of world renowned chefs such as Todd English and so on. The wine aficionados get to shake hands with their favorite wine makers and also learn a few wine making secrets.

Pumpkin Show in Ohio

Circleville, Pumpkin Show the oldest in the country.
Circleville, Pumpkin Show the oldest in the country.

This is an annual festival that is held in Circleville to showcase their local agriculture. Circleville Pumpkin show is one of the oldest festivals that starts on the third Wednesday of October each year. The parades and stalls open around half-past three every evening and the festival goes on four days. There is a lot of entertainment including pumpkin carving.

Autumn celebrations is all about twinkling lights, amazing sights of the Mother Nature and family get-togethers and attending local food and drink fests.