Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes


Tomato a day keeps the doctor away
Tomato a day keeps the doctor away

People refer to tomato as a vegetable and not as a fruit. Its believed to be native of Mexico and it was the Spanish who encouraged the cultivation of this berry in the Europe. Today, there are a wide variety of tomatoes grown around the world. Tomatoes are pinkish to deep red in color and have numerous seeds and have a slight sweet taste. They have a myriad of health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be used in many dishes and is also a standalone snack. Lycopene is tomatoes good for skin. Regular consumption of tomatoes help fight acne and lowers the risk of damage to skin cells. Drinking a couple of cups of tomato juice a day improves the overall appearance of the skin.

  •  Lowers the risk of several type of cancer

Lycopene contained in tomato is a natural anti-oxidant that reduces the movement of the free radicals in the blood. Studies show that the cooked tomatoes produce more lycopene than the raw ones.

  •  Vitamin K and calcium good for bones

This berry has a considerable amount of calcium and vitamin K. These two nutrients are vital for strengthening as well as repairing bones and bone tissues.

  •  Rich in anti-oxidants

Vitamin A and C are found in great deal in this berry. They nutrients help to neutralize the movement of the free radicals in the blood. It’s wise to eat raw tomatoes in form of salads if you want to reap the benefit of its anti-oxidant properties. The reason is cooking destroys the vitamin C.

  •  Rich source of vitamin B

Tomatoes contain both potassium and vitamin B. These two nutrients help in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn prevents heart attacks and other heart related diseases.

  •  Good for hair and eyes

It’s an excellent source of vitamin A. This vitamin help in improving the eye sight as well as aid in strong and glowing hair.

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