American Heart Healthy Month Coincides With Valentine’s Day Celebration

American Heart Healthy Month and Valentine's Day
American Heart Healthy Month and Valentine’s Day

We are almost into the second week of February, the Month of Love with Valentine’s Day just a few days away. Coincidentally, this day falls in the month when Americans observe the Heart Healthy Month. This year wouldn’t you want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day in a heart friendly way.

This is the  time of the year when you exchange gifts that are usually chocolates, go out for romantic dinner or munch on calorie loaded cheesy, creamy pasta, pizza or desserts. This Valentine’s Day make a slight variation in your celebrations. Instead of gifting chocolates why not a gift a membership voucher for a gymnasium or a dance class, cook at home instead of going out for dinner. Following are a few healthy food ideas to celebrate your Valentine’s day that will keep both your tummy as well as the heart happy and healthy.

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Food

Red wine instead of alcohol

Red wine contains antioxidants that increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood. This is one reason why this wine is good for the heart. Another component in the wine, polyphenols lowers the blood pressure as well as the inflammation. However, remember to drink in moderation only.

Love sandwiches for appetizers

Use whole grain bread. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter make heart shapes. Fill the bread with either red pepper hummus or red apple or red raspberry jam and peanut butter. Remember red is the theme color for the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Beet salad – Wash, peel and grate a large fresh beet. Peel and dice one large apples and put it along with the grated beets. In a small bowl, combine 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons honey to make a dressing. Drizzle it over the beet and apples, and toss it well.

Heart-shaped pasta for main course

Cook heart-shaped pasta. Sauté onions, garlic and add fresh tomato puree to it. Allow it to bubble. Add a few leaves of fresh mint. Now toss in the pasta and mix well. Add the chopped olives if you want to. This will make a healthy main course.

Yogurt-dipped Strawberries for dessert

Wash and remove the leaves from the fresh strawberries. Pass a tooth pick through the center. Now dip them in strawberry yogurt, roll them in the granola, crushed nuts or shredded coconuts.

Have you planned out your Valentine’s Day celebration? Share your ideas with us on the comment section.