6 Incredible Health Benefits of Boysenberry

Boysenberries - The Incredible Berries
Boysenberries – The Incredible Berries

The boysenberry is a crossbreed of the European Raspberry, blackberry, and loganberry. The fruit is deep maroon colored and has large seeds. Normally jam, pie, juice syrup and ice-cream is made from the berry. It is grown mainly in New Zealand and the United States particularly the Pacific Coast of Southern California extending to Oregon.

We take a look at the health benefits of Boysenberry.

Improves vision

The berry is rich and good source of vitamin C and important minerals needed by the human body. It improves your vision as the fruit revitalizes the cells.

Helps in weight management

Boysenberry is highly nutritious. The fresh fruit juice contains less sugar which aids your body in reducing weight.

Enhances heart conditions

Consumption of berry in your diet cleanses the arteries and blood vessels. It prevents hemorrhoids, diverticular disease and heart diseases. It boosts the heart functions as well.


Smoothens bowel movements

The berry is rich with fiber which supports digestion. It cleanses your body and intestine. It reduces constipation and enhances the bowel movement.

Supports formation of cells

The fruit is rich with Vitamin B and supplies significant dose of folate which supports the formation of cells. It increases the energy level and consumption of berry is advisable to even pregnant women.

Reduces the brain birth defects

Consuming the berry during pregnancy improves the health condition of women as it contains nutrients. These nutrients can eliminate the different types of nervous system and brain birth defects.

Boysenberry Granita Refreshment


  • Boysenberry – 500gm (Frozen)
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Lemon juice – 2tsp
  • Sugar – 3tsp


Dissolve the sugar in water and heat for 2 minutes.  Allow the mixture to cool. Store it in fridge till required.

Defrost the berries. Puree the berry and sieve the content. Mix with sugar syrup. Put the mixture in the freezer and crystallize the edges. Do it several times to produce crystals.

Serve chilled.