6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit- An Exotic Delicacy
Passion Fruit- An Exotic Delicacy

Grandilla or passion fruit is a native of the subtropical wild regions of South America. It is a climber vine. The shape of the fruit ranges from oval to round with tough outer shell. Inside are the membranous sacs that are thick and light orange in color. The seeds are crunchy.

Here are some health benefits of passion fruit.

Excellent source of dietary fiber

The fruit is an excellent laxative as the pulp content is more. Regular consumption of this fruit protects the colon mucosa’s exposure to toxic substances that may be present in the colon.

Rich in antioxidants

The fruit is rich in vitamin-c. It contains water-soluble antioxidants which gives the human body resistance against disease like flu, infectious agents and inflammatory free radicals.

Ideal source of iron

The fruit is a rich source of nonheme or plant based iron. The Institute of Medicine recommends regular consumption of the fruit as it gives men 6 micrograms of iron per day and women 8.1 micrograms of iron. The latter is absorbed in the body due to the presence of vitamin C.

Minimizes Asthma attacks

Regularly eating of passion fruit reduces asthma attacks. Presence of acids, chemicals and various other natural body boosters boosts the immunity of the body.

Aids in treating insomnia

Teas made from this fruit induce sleep and relaxation. The sedative effect of the fruit alleviates insomnia.

Minimizes Anxiety

The vitalizing grandilla moderates the anxiety, fear and stress as well. The passion fruit tea enhances the mood. The results are supported by the Medline Plus, a servicing unit of the National Institutes of Health.

Here is a healthy recipe using this fruit.

Passion Fruit – Pineapple Green Smoothie

  • Pineapple – One cup cubed
  • Passion Fruit – 3, collect the pulp in the bowl
  • Banana – One medium one
  • Baby Spinach – 2 cups fresh
  • Coconut water – 8 Ounces


Put the ingredients in the blender and blend till fine. Serve with chilled ice or just as it is.