5 Best Reasons To Gorge On Chestnuts

Chestnuts - Definitely a superfood
Chestnuts – Definitely a superfood

Chestnuts grow in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America.  China is the world’s leading exporter of the nuts exporting especially to Japan. The US is the world’s largest importer of the nuts sourcing it mainly from the European Union. Interestingly It is the only nut to have Vitamin C in it. There exist altogether seven species of chestnuts. These nuts are preserved in water or syrup or are finely ground into flour. The nuts are also called chinquapin and chinkapin. They possess creamy white sweet flesh and are part of a number of world cuisines. Roasting is the most popular and favourite form of chestnut preparation.

We look at some of the health benefits of this nuts.

  • Aids in weight loss

Unlike other nuts chestnuts are relatively low in calories and fats. They are loaded with dietary fibre. Eating them makes your stomach feel fuller leading to decreased calorie and food intake. The nuts also contain a high percentage of water.

  • Treats anaemia

The nuts are rich in Vitamin C which is necessary for the absorption of iron by the human body. Iron is necessary for the production of RBC which is low in anaemic individuals. The nuts also has a lot of iron content.

  • Helps in pregnancy

These nuts supply calcium, vitamins and essential minerals that strengthen the bone as well as balance electrolytes warding off frequent cramping a common occurrence in several pregnant women. It also ensures health in pregnant ladies by preventing infections. Chestnuts are reputed to relieve nausea which affects most pregnant women particularly in the first trimester.

  • Boosts brain health

These nuts are loaded with B family vitamins which are vital for proper neurological development and function. The potassium present in the nuts enhance blood flow to the brain and ensure the health of the nervous system.

  • Gluten free

Many people are allergic to gluten. For such people, there is good news. Chestnuts are totally gluten free and can be safely consumed.

If you have experienced any other benefits of including these nuts in your diet, please share them with us so that others may benefit.

A Final Note

Some people are allergic to chestnuts. If you are suffering from nut allergies it is advisable to exercise caution.