Why Cranberries Are Good For You

Cranberries - They are good for you
Cranberries – They are good for you

Usually cranberries are associated with Thanksgiving feasts. On the occasion, it is made into sauces and drinks. Dried ones are included in desserts, stuffings as well as casseroles. The native American Indians relished cranberries prepared and sweetened with honey and maple syrup. Many varieties of this berry grow wild in Asia and Europe and are relished in these parts of the globe. For your information, the deep-rooted cranberries grow well in sandy bogs as the latter supply the ideal growing environment. The cranberry is part of the identical genus as the blueberry namely Vaccinium. Incidentally both berries are also part of the Ericaceae family. These berries are usually consumed in fresh, dried or frozen forms. Good quality cranberries are deep reddish as well as firm and bounce more compared to inferior ones. The fruit’s botanical name is Vaccinium Macrocarpon.


  • Helps Cholesterol Patients

The antioxidant compounds present in these berries act against the formation of cholesterol plaque in the heart and blood vessels. Also, the former reduces LDL (the bad cholesterol) and boosts HDL (the good cholesterol) in the body.

  • Prevents as well as alleviates urinary tract infections

The berry is a rich source of proanthocyanidins which prevents bacteria from binding to the bladder walls. The bacteria are blocked from proliferating in the bladder and flushed out from the body. The fruit also increases the acidity of the urine giving a hostile environment for the bacteria to exist.

  • Prevents and treats various kinds of cancers

Cranberry is a good source of polyphenols which has anti-tumour properties. Scientific studies have determined that consuming this berry blocks the occurrence and proliferation of lung, colon, prostate as well as breast cancers.

  • Have Anti-inflammatory properties

The berry effectively reduces inflammation which benefit disorders such as cardiovascular ailments, digestive issues as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Prevents Kidney Stones

The berry is highly acidic a property that effectively prevents the formation of kidney stones.

If you have experienced any other benefits of including this fruit in your diet, please share them with us so that others may benefit.

5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Plums

Plums - Tasty and Wholseome
Plums – Tasty and Wholseome

Most of us would have tasted plums at some point or at least heard of it. They are a delicious addition to desserts. Also, cakes and pickles are made from it. Plums belong to the cherries and peaches family. There are over 2000 varieties of plums in the world. Did you know that globally plums are the 2nd most cultivated fruit? They are commercially cultivated on all the continents with the exception of Antarctica. Dried plums are also known as prunes. These fruits come in a gamut of colours and sizes. The usual colours are deep purple, reddish purple, red, green, white and yellow.

We take a look at some of the health benefits of plums.

Helps in Digestion

Plums are rich in isatine, sorbitol and dietary fibre. These elements get rid of digestive problems as well as constipation. Isanin and sorbitol possess laxative properties and stimulate fluid secretion in the bowels.

Staves off Diabetes

These fruits have a low glycemic index. So, eating them reduces the blood sugar and prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes as per the Dietitians of Canada. The flavonoids present in this fruit helps with insulin resistance. Eating the fruits is a home remedy for diabetes.

Improves Bone Health

Scientific studies have demonstrated that including these fruits in your diet boosts bone mineral density in the forearms as well as the spine. These fruits help in preventing bone loss triggered by ovarian hormone deficiency. Postmenopausal women are advised to consume these fruits as it is useful in treating osteoporosis.

Decreases Anxiety

These fruits are potent in getting rid of anxiety and are a great stress buster. These also contain chlorogenic acid a powerful anti-anxiety agent. This superfood improves sleep and concentration too.

Prevents Cardiovascular Ailments

These fruits are rich in potassium which regulates high blood pressure and significantly decreases the occurrence of strokes. Prunes decrease cholesterol levels naturally. Eating these fruits block the calcification of the arteries a major reason of heart attacks.

How to select Plums

Don’t pick the soft ones with cuts and bruises. Ripe as well as ready to eat plums are pliable to slight pressure and have a sweet smell. They should be immediately put in the refrigerator. Mature fruits which are firm can be kept at room temperature till they ripen.

If you have experienced any other health benefits of including these fruits in your diet, please share it with us so that others may benefit.

6 Amazing Benefits Of Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds- The Healthy Seeds
Carom Seeds- The Healthy Seeds

Carom seeds are popularly known as ‘ajwain’ or ‘bishop’s weed’. It originated in India and Pakistan and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines. The spice is employed in Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine both for its flavour and medicinal value. Its botanical name is Trachyspermum Ammi and it is part of the Apiaceae plant family. Ajwain is relative of cumin, dill and caraway. The plant bears resemblance to parsley. This spice has been used for thousands of years both in ancient Egypt and ancient India. Ajwain seeds range from olive green to brown in colour. The latter look like cumin or caraway seeds. However, they differ by having an elliptic shape as well as minute size. Incidentally oregano is used as a substitute to carom seeds.

We look at some of the health benefits of this spice.

  • Cures acidity

Mix equal amounts of carom seeds with cumin seeds. Add a dash of ginger powder. This is a popular home remedy to cure acidity as well as acid reflux issues.

  • Effective against common cold

Make a paste of ajwain seeds and jaggery. This treats cold as well as respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis.

  • Helpful in Cholera

Ajwain reduces the impact of threadworms as well as intestinal bacterial infections. Hence it is a safe treatment option for patients of cholera.

  • Helps in Constipation

The seeds may treat constipation. It is free of side effects owing to it being a natural seed.

  • Treats Kidney Problems

These seeds may help to cure kidney stones. They are also employed in alleviating pain caused by kidney disorders.

  • Works as an Aphrodisiac

It is an old remedy to enhance the sexual drive in both males and females. It is responsible for boosting sexual virility and acts on the hormones playing a role in the sexual drive.

If you have experienced any other benefits of including this spice in your diet, please share them with us so that others may benefit.


5 Best Reasons To Gorge On Chestnuts

Chestnuts - Definitely a superfood
Chestnuts – Definitely a superfood

Chestnuts grow in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America.  China is the world’s leading exporter of the nuts exporting especially to Japan. The US is the world’s largest importer of the nuts sourcing it mainly from the European Union. Interestingly It is the only nut to have Vitamin C in it. There exist altogether seven species of chestnuts. These nuts are preserved in water or syrup or are finely ground into flour. The nuts are also called chinquapin and chinkapin. They possess creamy white sweet flesh and are part of a number of world cuisines. Roasting is the most popular and favourite form of chestnut preparation.

We look at some of the health benefits of this nuts.

  • Aids in weight loss

Unlike other nuts chestnuts are relatively low in calories and fats. They are loaded with dietary fibre. Eating them makes your stomach feel fuller leading to decreased calorie and food intake. The nuts also contain a high percentage of water.

  • Treats anaemia

The nuts are rich in Vitamin C which is necessary for the absorption of iron by the human body. Iron is necessary for the production of RBC which is low in anaemic individuals. The nuts also has a lot of iron content.

  • Helps in pregnancy

These nuts supply calcium, vitamins and essential minerals that strengthen the bone as well as balance electrolytes warding off frequent cramping a common occurrence in several pregnant women. It also ensures health in pregnant ladies by preventing infections. Chestnuts are reputed to relieve nausea which affects most pregnant women particularly in the first trimester.

  • Boosts brain health

These nuts are loaded with B family vitamins which are vital for proper neurological development and function. The potassium present in the nuts enhance blood flow to the brain and ensure the health of the nervous system.

  • Gluten free

Many people are allergic to gluten. For such people, there is good news. Chestnuts are totally gluten free and can be safely consumed.

If you have experienced any other benefits of including these nuts in your diet, please share them with us so that others may benefit.

A Final Note

Some people are allergic to chestnuts. If you are suffering from nut allergies it is advisable to exercise caution.