Why Eating Cherries Is Good For Health

Basket of red cherries
Basket of red cherries

These deliciously red lip-smacking berries are not only yummy but also has myriad health benefits. Cherries are used in desserts, cocktails and pickled. Cherries can be frozen to preserve them for use in the winter months.

Health Benefits Of Snacking On Cherries

  • Reduces blood pressure

As per the studies conducted by the scientists at North Umbria University, people who regularly consume juice of this berry will lower the risk of blood pressure. As per the study, those suffering from high blood pressure were asked to drink 60 ml of the concentrated juice.  It saw their pressure drop by 7 percent within a couple of hours.

  • Excellent source of vitamin C

A cup of cherries contains 25 percent of the required daily dose of vitamin C and over 2grams of fiber.

  • Aids in weight loss

Consuming tart cherry or its supplement while on a weight loss program will help in reducing weight around the belly.

  • Fights Cancer

Cherries are rich in flavonoids, a potent anticancer agent. Regular consumption of cherries will prevent the movement of free radicals in the blood.

  • Relieves pain of Gout and Arthritis

Anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, the two anti-oxidants found in cherries help in reducing the pain of gout and arthritis.

  • Anti-aging agent

Isoqueritrin and queritrin, the two flavonoids slow down the aging process. They eliminate the byproducts of the oxidative stress thus aiding in anti-aging.

  • Rich in Potassium

A cup of this berry contains 9 percent of the daily dose of potassium. This is good as potassium reduces the risk of stroke, reduces hypertension and high blood pressure. It also improves muscle strength.

  • Aids in sleep

These berries are a vital source of melatonin, that regulates the sleep cycles. Those suffering from insomnia also those who frequently travel between various time zones should consume a cup of cherries regularly.

What Is “Feta” Cheese

Healthy Feta Cheese
Healthy Feta Cheese

Sheep’s or goat’s milk is used to make Feta cheese. Its flavor is strong and tangy. Important minerals and vitamins are present in this cheese. The drawback of consuming this cheese is the presence of sodium and saturated fat. However, it can be consumed occasionally in a diet plan as it has nutritional benefits.

The Etymology Of The Name “Feta”

Greeks refer to this very prevalent cheese type as “feta”. The name originates from “fetta” an Italian word which loosely translated means “slice”. Feta is a delicate brined cheese generally containing a handful to zero holes, a tangy flavor and absence of skin. The nutritional value of Feta cheese is based on the kind and brand of Feta. Conventional Feta is created by a blend of goat’s and sheep’s milk or exclusively just sheep’s milk.

Better Tolerability Compared To Other Types Of Cheese

Feta cheese is a great alternative for getting delicious taste without overindulging. This type of cheese is relatively more digestible and has a lower degree of inflammatory property than the cheeses based on cow milk. This is good news for individuals having varying degrees of intolerance to dairy products.

Potent Cancer Fighter

Scientific research has discovered that long term consumption of feta cheese results in lower incidence and severity of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals regardless of age group include feta cheese in moderate amounts regularly in their daily diets. It is better to prevent severe illnesses such as cancer by opting for natural healthy options such as the reputed and widely available Feta Cheese.

Miscellaneous Health Benefits

Other benefits of regularly consuming Feta Cheese is

  • Treating anemia
  • Enhancing eye health and curbing degenerative eye ailments
  • Alleviating headaches of varying severity
  • Promoting digestion and aiding the digestive process

This wonder cheese also bolsters immunity, ensures a robust constitution and is a completely natural and excellent source of energy as well as nutrients.

Hence it is recommended to all to imbibe this famous variety of cheese to reap its holistic health benefits.

Why Include Garlic In Your Cooking?

Garlic Pods and Whole ones

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates, Greek Physician

Hippocrates also known as the father of the modern medicine, used to prescribe garlic to treat various ailments. Today, modern medical science has scientifically confirmed that various health benefits of eating  garlic.

Garlic is closely related to shallots and onions, and also contains allicin. Therefore, it belongs to the Allium family.  Throughout the ancient history of the various world cultures including that of Asians, Chinese and Indian, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Babylonians have documented the usage of garlic.

Nutritional Facts about Garlic

This vegetable hardly has very few calories.  One ounce of garlic contains

  • 15% of Vitamin C
  • 16% of Selenium
  • 17% of Vitamin B6
  • 23% of Manganese
  • 1 gram of Fiber
  • 8 grams of Protein
  • 9 grams of Carbohydrates

Additionally, it has small amounts of calcium, potassium, copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B1.

Benefits of Eating Garlic


Apart from adding taste and flavor to the food, garlic has myriad health benefits. Have a look.

  • Boost immune system

Including this vegetable as an ingredient in your cooking can boost the immune system. Studies have revealed that regular consumption of garlic extract in concentrated form can reduce the numbers of days you are sick with flu or cold.

Note: Boil a small cup of milk with a couple of flakes of garlic and a pinch of turmeric. Add sugar if you want. Strain it through a filter and have it before going to bed. It will keep cold and cough at bay.

  • Lowers the risk of cardio-vascular diseases

Studies have revealed that regular consumption of garlic will significantly reduce the blood pressure in those who are suffering with high blood pressure. If you are not interested in have garlic supplements, have four cloves of the healthy vegetable every day.

  • Improves cholesterol levels

This bulb vegetable will reduce the overall cholesterol level including the LDL cholesterol while not affecting the HDL, the good cholesterol.

  • Rich source of antioxidants

This vegetable has antioxidants that lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, the antioxidants also prevent aging and cell damage.

Other benefits include the longevity of life, reduced fatigue after strenuous exercises, and detoxification of heavy metals in the body. Additionally, it improves the bone health in women by increasing the estrogen levels.

Beetroot Juice Recipes For Healthier Tomorrow

Healthy Beetroot Juice
Healthy Beetroot Juice

A study by Wake Forest University that was published in the Journal Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, in the year 2010, revealed that regular consumption of beetroot juice will promote brain health and reduces blood pressure. The reason is beet contains high amounts of nitrates that are converted into nitrites when you consume it. The nitrites have the ability to dilate blood vessels to increase the blood flow.

3 Easy To Make Beetroot Juice Recipes

Note: – Use only fresh beetroot to prepare the juice. Also, ensure that your juicer is cleaned well after each use.

Tangy Beetroot Zinger


  • Apples – 2 peeled, cored and chopped into small pieces
  • Beet – 1 large chopped
  • Ginger – 1 piece of one-inch. cleaned and sliced
  • Ice – a few cubes


In a juicer, first run the beetroot and ginger together. To this add the chopped apples and blend well to get the juice.

Transfer the contents into a serving jar and add ice cubes.

Vitamins ingested Beetroot Juice


  • Beetroot – 1 cleaned and diced.
  • Oranges – 2
  • Carrots – 2 cleaned and diced
  • Ice – a few cubes


Extract the juice of beetroot and carrots by blending them in a juicer. Transfer this to a serving jar.

Cut the oranges into half and squeeze out the juice into the serving jar containing the beetroot and carrot juice. To this add a few cubes of ice and stir.

Royal Beetroot Juice


  • Dark purple grapes – 2 cups
  • Purple Plums – de-stoned and cut
  • Beetroot – 1 large cleaned and chopped
  • Ice


Put the beetroot and grapes into a juicer to extract the juices. Transfer the juice on to a serving jar.

Now run the plums through the juicer. Extract the juice and mix it with the beet and grape juice. Add ice cubes and serve.

Make beetroot juice a part of your healthy lifestyle. Beetroot has myriad health benefits.

Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Oil with multitude of health benefits
Oil with multitude of health benefits

Coconut oil is fast gaining popularity in the western countries including US and Uk due to its multitude health benefits and uses. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E which is good for hair and skin. It has also other nutritional benefits. This oil is extracted from the dried coconut pieces or meat called copra.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


  • Coconut oil is good for the brain

Coconut oil has large amount of medium-chain fatty acids(MCFA). This type of fatty acids are not easily absorbed by the liver. However, they are also metabolized pretty quickly compared to the long-chain fatty acids. This means that MCFA can be converted into ketones, that are an important source of energy for the brain. Studies have shown that it has therapeutic effects on those who suffer from memory loss.

  • Aids in weight loss

As per the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the participants who are trying to lose weight consumed coconut oil. They had lost weight as well as fat by the end of the research.

  • Heart diseases

Coconut oil contains 50% of lauric acid that prevents various heart problems such as increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, this oil does not increase the LDL levels and reduces the damage to the arteries.

  • Immunity

The lauric acid is converted into monolaurin by the body. This is effective in fighting the viruses and bacteria that causes influenza, herpes and many more. Coconut oil also has anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

  • Curbs appetite

Research have shave shown that regular consumption of this oil is satiating. That is because several hormones are released when foods that has MCFAs are consumed and this gives you a feel full effect.

  • Protects against hair damage

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science revealed that coconut oil can prevent damage to nearly all hair types as compared to the mineral oil and sunflower oil. The reason behind is that the linear triglyceride in the oil that has strong affinity for hair protein. Due to this it can penetrate deep into the hair shaft. This oil is also a natural remedy for dandruff. It has a unique quality to improve skin hydration, moisturize and increase lipid levels on the surface of the skin.


Reasons Why You Should Drink A Glass Of Beetroot Juice Daily

Delicious Beet Juice
Delicious Beet Juice

Beetroots are considered to be an ancient and prehistoric food. These were consumed as a medicine rather than as food in many ancient cultures. During those days it was the beet leaves and not the root that were consumed as they were loaded with therapeutic as well as nutritional value. It was much later that the consuming the roots became popular.

Nutritional Profile of Beetroot

A cup of raw beetroot has 13gms of carbohydrates, 2gms of protein and it provides 6 percent of iron, 11 percent of vitamin C, 15 percent of vitamin A and 2 percent of calcium. Additionally, it’s an excellent source of vitamin B-6, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, copper, selenium, choline, betaine, thiamine, folate, manganese, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.

How Beneficial Is Drinking Beet Juice


  • Beet juice is detoxifying

It’s a detox drink that cleanses your liver and stimulate the liver cells. The methionine and betaine prevents the fatty acids from building up.

  • Reduces blood pressure

A medium-sized beet contains 20 times more dietary nitrates compared to other vegetables. Therefore, regular consumption of its juices ensure that the blood pressure is balanced.

  • Prevents premature aging

The lycopene in the juice keeps the elasticity of the skin intact. The anti-oxidants in this vegetable protects the skin from the sun burns and also neutralizes the free radicals.

  • Improves digestion

The vegetable is rich in dietary fiber. Therefore, stimulates the intestines to breakdown the food. Half a cup of beet juice prior to any meal or when you have an upset stomach is recommended.

  • Lowers blood sugar

The soluble fiber found in the beet aids in lowering the blood glucose.

  • Improves the sexual performance

Ancient Romans considered beet as medicine to improve the potency and boost their libido. It’s an excellent source of boron, a mineral directly linked to the production of sex hormones.

  • Boost energy

Last but not the least, a glass of beet juice before any kind of workout is recommended. It will help to boost your energy while working out.

Recycle Leftovers Of Your Christmas Feast

Christmas Dinner leftovers
Christmas Dinner Leftovers

All the presents have been unwrapped and all the friends and relatives have gone back to their respective homes, and here you are left with a kitchen full of leftovers. You don’t have to throw them  out after a few days. Instead make use of these food to put together a batch of good wholesome food.


  • Potato Cakes


Potato patties with veal
Potato patties with veal

You can make this with left over potato mash. Potato cakes can be topped with veggies, chicken or veal. To make these cakes, combine the mashed potato with finely minced onions, pepper and salt to your taste. Mix well and divide the mixture into small portions. Make balls and then flatten it. Heat a skillet over medium to high heat. Spray some cooking oil and gently fry these patties until they are brown on both the sides.

  •  Ham Swiss Bread pudding

Ham, egg and cheese bread pudding casserole
Ham, egg and cheese bread pudding casserole

Not sure what to do with left over Ham. Here is a simple recipe where you can make a wholesome casserole meal. Sauté a cup of finely chopped green onions, 2 cloves of garlic, and ham. Meanwhile, roast some croutons in the oven. In a mixing bowl add 1.5 cups of fat free milk, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper and mix well. To this add a couple of eggs and mix well. Add the bread crumbs and sautéed ham mixture and mix well. In an oven proof casserole, transfer half of this mixture. Sprinkle cheese over it. Top it with remaining bread mixture. Bake at 350-degree F for 25 minutes. Sprinkle the remaining cheese and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

  • Mocha Chocolate à la Paris

Mocha- Chocolate Paris
Mocha- Chocolate a la Paris

If you have received a lot of chocolates this Christmas try out this recipe. In a double boiler, mix chocolate, cocoa, sugar and quart milk. Using a whisk to mix the mixture untill its smooth and hot. Now stir in your favorite brand of instant coffee and heat through. Pour it into serving mugs, top it with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Share your left over recipes with us in the comment section.

Why Every Home Should Have A Bottle Of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt, is named after a bitter saline spring in Epsom in Surrey, England. It is not actually a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral known as magnesium sulfate. It has been proven skin can absorb both magnesium and sulfate. Thus, Epsom salt baths were popular even in olden days to de-stress and relieve anxiety.  It’s believed to be good for your body, mind and soul.

Magnesium plays a vital role such as regulating the functioning of over 325 enzymes, relaxing the muscles and it also has anti-inflammatory functions. While sulfates aid in the absorption of nutrients and flushing out the toxins.

Epsom Salt Health Benefits

  • Regulates Blood Sugar

Consuming Epsom salt regular orally may aid in lowering the risk of diabetes, regulate blood sugar while improving the overall energy levels.

  • Natural Laxative

For those suffering from constipation, dissolve a teaspoon of Epsom salt into a glass of warm water and sip it before retiring at night. However, note that if the constipation persists its wise to see a physician.

  • Relieves Cramps and Pain

This salt aids in regulating the fluid retention in the cells. Additionally, it also aids in the body to use its calcium to send chemical signals throughout the nervous system.

  • Arterial Health

Magnesium Sulfate help to improve the circulation, thereby lowering the risk of any serious cardiovascular ailments. It has anti-inflammation properties that reducing the inflammation in the arteries while protecting the elasticity of the arteries. Bathing in Epsom salt a couple of times in a week reduces stress, improve circulation of the blood, and also reduces the blood pressure.

  • Good for Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a condition where the skin of the foot that is affected starts to itch and scale.  Soaking foot in the foot bath with a teaspoon of Epsom salt is said to bring relief to the sufferer.

Fittest World Leaders – Part II

Continued ..

Prime Minister of England – Theresa May, 60

theresa-may Pm of England

The British Prime Minister, loves to go on walking holidays. Her walking buddy is her husband. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes way back in 2012, she started on a new diet and fitness regime.

Grand Duke of Luxembourg – Duke Henri, 61

henri-grand-duke-Grand Duke of luxembourg

He is a military officer in training. He is also associated with many health and fitness organizations. The Grand Duke is currently one of the member of the International Olympic Committee. He maintains a healthy lifestyle to fight certain genetic maladies.

President of Mexico – Enrique Peña Nieto, 50

enrique-nieto-President of Mexico

He is a promoter of fitness among his countrymen. He participated in a 10K run as an effort to promote Mexico’s health and fitness. He also encourages the citizens to exercise and eat health and well balanced diet.

Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bakir Izetbegović, 60

Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bakir Izetbegović

Izetbegović is an avid skier and walks around 3-5 Km daily. He also consumes balanced diet, avoids alcohol, and does not smoke. Chess is favorite board game.

Prime Minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu, 67

netanyahu-Pm of Israel

The Israelian PM jogs twice a week on a treadmill and goes for long walks. He practices healthy eating and also encourages his minister to avoid overeasting and go for regular workouts.

President of Russia – Vladimir Putin, 64

vladimir-putin -president of Russia

Putin practices Judo martial arts, Karate, and Sambo. In the recent past at the age of 62, he earned his 8th-degree black belt in karate. His other physical activities include skiing, badminton, skiing, cycling, hockey, horseback riding, fishing, and cycling.

 King of Bhutan – Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 36

Jigme Wangchuck - King of Bhutan

The present King of Bhutan, is a national basketball player. In the past he was playing soccer but had to put an end to is goalie days after the players were reluctant to play against the future king. He also practices meditation for balancing emotional and mental health.

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Source: Samir Becic, number one fitness trainer in the US of America. He is also a co-founder of the website Health Fitness Revolution.

Photographs Courtesy : healthfitnessrevolution.com

Fittest World Leaders – Part I

With just a week more to bring in the year 2017, we have put together a list of the fittest heads of the States in 2017. For the first time in the history of America, an American president is not part of this health list. Though, President Barack Obama was on the list the previous year, he would be shortly leaving the office in the coming year. Here is the first set of leaders who top the list as fittest world leaders.

Prime Minister Canada – Justin Trudeau, 45


Justin Trudeau

“Boxing is as much about receiving hits as giving them,”  as said by Trudeau. He enjoys this sport and ensures that dust never settles on his boxing gloves as he goes boxing once in a week to relieve stress. The other physical activities that interests him include snowboarding and canoeing.

King of Spain – King Felipe VI, 48

King Philip of spain

He is one of the fittest European heads of state. This Spanish king is also an Olympian as he had participated in the 1992 Barcelona Games as one of the members of the Olympic Sailing team.

Prime Minister Australia – Malcolm Turnbull, 62

PM of Australia

TurnBull believes eating in smaller quantities aids in weight loss. Additionally, the concept of fasting has helped him view healthy eating as ” liberating choice than a restrictive chore.” He enjoys biking around Lake Burley. You would also catching him swimming and kayaking in Sydney during the warmer months while rowing when the weather is much colder. His exercise partner is his wife.

President of Argentina – Mauricio Macri, 57

Mauricio, Pres. Argentina

Mauricio Macri was the team president for  Boca Juniors, Division 1 Argentinian soccer team for over a decade. He promotes biking as a form of public transport. When on International trips to countries such as China, US of America, and so on, he is seen bike riding. He had gifted, the President of America an electric bike in April this year.

 King of Belgium – King Philippe Maria, 56

King philleppe Maria of Belgium

A former parachutist and fighter pilot, King Philippe Maria has also served as Vice-Admiral of the Navy. He is also passionate about of winter sports especially skiing.  The king is not only the fittest European royals but also the fittest European heads of state.

Chancellor of Germany – Angela Merkel, 62

Chancelor Merkel of Germany

Die Welt newspaper, once wrote to clarify the enigma surrounding the Mekel’s fitness “Merkel’s fitness secret has been known for years and is very simple: There is none.” She is known as not only Europe’s most powerful woman but also a robust one. British media, in 2014 after she lost over 20lbs referred to her as “much more fresh and sporty” person.

 King of Jordan – King Abdullah II, 54

King of Jordan, Abdullah

King of Jordan is a fitness freak and he awards those students who prioritize fitness and education as a part of their lifestyle. King Abdullah II enjoys a game of classic soccer though he plays dynamic activities such as scuba diving and sky diving.

King of Cambodia – King Norodom Sihamoni, 63

King of cambodia- Norodomm

King Norodom has in-depth knowledge in classical dance and music. He is known for his efforts as a cultural ambassador in Europe. Apart from dance and music, he keeps himself fit by bike riding and walking around the palace grounds.

To Be Continued In Part II

Source: Samir Becic, number one fitness trainer in the US of America. He is also a co-founder of the website Health Fitness Revolution.

Photographs Courtesy : healthfitnessrevolution.com