Should Diabetics Avoid The Sheer Pleasure Of Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolates for all
Dark chocolates for all

Dark Chocolates are a gift from heaven.  The very thought of chocolates makes you salivate and drool. It’s indeed a guilty sinful pleasure. Children and adults love them. The question is can the diabetics have them. It’s said that if you are a diabetic, you are allowed to eat anything but not in the quantities you want to. That includes chocolates too.

The reports from the American Diabetes Association reveal that dark chocolates have health benefits and they can be eaten in moderate amounts. Dark Chocolate is 70% cocoa chocolate and contains less sugar and milk particles compared to the milk chocolate.  One of the reasons is that dark chocolate is an antioxidant as it is rich in polyphenols.

Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate

  • This helps to lower blood glucose levels as well as reduce heart diseases.
  • Flavonoids in dark chocolate help relax blood vessels leading to lowering of blood pressure.
  • As per the study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people with type 2 diabetes who consume 20 gms of dark chocolate daily respond to insulin better than the those who consume milk chocolates.

The above mentioned health benefits have made candies and chocolates made using dark chocolate very popular. There are many products made using dark chocolates available in the market these days. However, check the ingredients before buying them. One of the main ingredients that you need to check is the percentage of the sugar content. Pick up those products that are less in sugar content and more in dark chocolate.

For dark chocolate candy that has dry nuts such as roasted peanuts, almond and walnuts, a pinch of sea salt added to it would do wonders to the taste buds while keeping the health in check.

  • Almonds are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. They are also a rich source of vitamin E, protein, fiber and low in sugar.
  • Walnuts are rich in vitamin B7, omega 3 fats, proteins and fiber, also known as hair food, as it prevents hair loss.
  • Peanuts are good source of vitamin E, folate, protein, niacin, and manganese.
  • Minerals contained in sea salt such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and iodine are in their natural ratios, and this helps keep the body’s electrolytes in balance.

However, ensure that they are gluten free and rich in protein and fiber. The richness of the roasted cocoa beans along with dry fruits and nuts make dark chocolate candies a healthy snack to munch even for those with diabetes.

However, take precautions that you don’t overeat because, that can be dangerous at times.

Why Do I Drink Coffee Every Morning

Its all about coffee and me
Its all about coffee and me

For me that unmistakable smell of freshly brewed Coffee and its delectable taste are the only two main reasons to pry myself out of bed each morning. It’s an eye-opening as well as mouth-watering beverage consumed not only by me but approximately 100 million Americans.

Today you can choose from a myriad of flavors, styles, and presentations of coffee. You can choose coffee from the small and strong cup of coffee to a large mug. You can have it with or without milk, plain or frothy and you can add a shot of your preferred liqueur.

Whether habitual or social, the act of lifting a cup of Arabic Coffee has been around since its inception into the society and here are my favorite reasons why. My colleagues and acquaintances have various reasons as to why they depend on this aromatic black beverage and I have my own set of reasons.

8 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee?

  1. The mildly stimulating effect of the caffeine in this drink boosts my energy to keep me going throughout the day.
  2. I am accustomed to the taste of coffee and constantly crave for my favorite flavor.
  3. It aids in digestion. So I love to sip it post a heavy lunch or dinner. Sometimes even between meals.
  4. A shot of strong coffee helps me on a hectic and stressful day. It even helps fight depression on certain days.
  5. It’s a powerhouse of beneficial antioxidants, so keeps the free radicals under control.
  6. I love to hold business meetings over a cup of stimulating espressos. Socially, I also meet up with my friends for a cup of coffee and a bite of nutritious protein cookies.
  7. It’s a fact that coffee can become an addition. A lot of people including me have got used to having a cup of coffee at a certain time of the day. And I look forward to this daily routine that has become almost a ritual by now.
  8. Last but not the least, I love to try out and experience new things and coffee was no exception.

There is a gamut of brands, flavors and brands available in the market today. You can even carry your favorite brand of this beverage to your workplace. All that you need to add is some boiling water to get the right strength.

Now you have my reasons for sipping a cup of highly flavored aromatic coffee. Wouldn’t you share your reasons with me!

Health Benefits of Plant-based Protein

Best sources of natural protein
Best sources of natural protein

It’s a misconception that plant-based diets lack protein. Whether you want to build muscle mass, lose weight or simply improve your health, plant-based proteins will play a vital role. Brown rice, hemp, chia and pea proteins are the example of plant-based proteins that can be consumed to reap a myriad of health benefits.

  • Chia seeds are rich in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. These help to keep your blood sugar levels under control and reduce inflammation. Regular consumption of chia seeds promotes weight loss
  • The proteins found in hemp are very similar to the proteins found in the human body. It contains all the essential fatty acids(EFAs) required by the body. It’s a source of fiber and can boost your energy and increase the metabolism of the human body.
  • Those consuming brown rice has shown reduction in the cholesterol levels. The finer content in this grain keep the blood sugar level under control. Its categorized one of the healthiest foods.
  • Consuming peas is considered to be as it a source of fiber and protein. They are free of cholesterols and low in fat and sodium. Peas are a source of vitamin K, vitamin B1, copper, folate, vitamin C, and phosphorus.

Benefits Of Consuming Plant-Based Protein

  • Low In Saturated Fat

The unsaturated fats found in the grains and nuts are the healthy alternative to those found in meat, dairy and eggs. Plant-based protein diets have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood stream.

  • Easy To Digest

Plant based protein diet are rich in fiber and therefore crucial for digestion. It offers roughage to the body. When body spends less on digestion, it means there is more energy available for the entire day.

  • Help Combat Inflammation And Protect Bone Health

Plant-based diet helps to maintain the alkaline PH level in the body. Therefore, it reduces the acidity formation, relieves stress as well as strengthens the bone.

  • Organic And Free Of Growth Hormones Found In Animal Proteins

Plant-based proteins are the best alternative to animal proteins. Meat product industry uses growth hormones as well as antibiotics in the animals. While most of the plant-based dietary proteins are extracted from organically grown plants. Therefore, these are free of chemicals and growth hormones.

Weight Loss

Plant-based proteins aid in weight loss. This occurs naturally when you consume vitamins, minerals and fiber.

  • Lowers The Risk Of Cancer

Organic plant-based diet reduces the risk of various types of cancer such as breast and colon.

Now what more benefits do you need?

Share with us the benefits we have left out, in the comment section.